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  Symposium Z:

Phase Transformation in Metallic Systems: Current issues

The symposium will cover fundamental and applied phase transformation processes and phenomena in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, both near and far from equilibrium. Papers are solicited in the areas of both nanostructured and bulk forms.  Specific topics of interest include kinetics of nucleation and growth, ordering, thermodynamic properties of equilibrium and non-equilibrium phases and atomic transport processes in solids. Related topics include austenite decomposition, recristalization, grain growth, and precipitation kinetics. We are especially interested in contributions dealing with coupling between transformations such as precipitation/ recristalization, recristalization /discontinuous reactions, precipitation and concomitant interface reactions.

The symposium will address stable and metastable phase transformations, including amorphization and crystallization, as well as transformations under stress or other non-equilibrium  conditions. Particular attention will be devoted to phase transformations involving moving interfaces and in nanoscale structures.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • Comparison between Phase Transformations in ferrous and non- ferrous systems
  • Comparison between modeling and experiments in Phase transformations. Coupling modeling at different scales, from atomistic to continuum, and direct comparison between atomistic simulation and experimental observations.
  • Comparing the effects of mechanical, thermal and thermo-mechanical treatments.
  • Global measurement methods compared to local measurements methods for studying phase transformations in metals.
  • The role of isothermal martensitic transformations above and below Ms (could be a joint session with the shape memory symposium)

Invited speakers/talks (confirmed list):

  • William Reynolds (Virginia Politechnic, USA)
  • José Roberto Guimarães (Brazil)
  • Michel Perez (INSA Lyon, France)
  • Rubens Caram (Unicamp, Brazil)
  • Velimir  Radmilovic (LBL/NCEM, USA)
  • Alexis Deschamps (SIMAP/INPG, France)

Scientific committee members (tentative list):

  • Mats Hillert (Sweden)
  • David Laughlin (CMU)
  • Georges Martin (France)
  • Gernot Kostorz (ETH Zurich)
  • Paulo Rangel Rios (UFF)
  • Guillermo Solórzano (PUC-Rio)
  • Andre P. Tschipschin (EPUSP)
  • Gary Shiflet (U. Virginia)
  • Boris Bokstein (Russia)
  • Eric Mittemeijer (MPI-Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Ted Massalski (CMU)
  • Brent Fultz (CalTech)
  • Armen Khatchaturyan (Rutgers, USA)
  • Clodomiro Alves Jr.

Full papers: Journal of Materials Science (Springer) will publish Special ICAM 2009 issue(s) containing full papers of abstracts presented in this symposium provided such manuscripts are reviewed according to the Journal standards. Authors are invited, not obliged, to submit full length manuscripts.

For instructions, please check Full Papers Publication.

Symposium organizers:

Hélio Goldenstein
Escola Politécnica
Av. Prof. Mello Moraes 2463; ZC 05508-900; S.Paulo; SP; Brazil

Phone number: 55 (11) 30915460
Fax number: 55 (11) 30915243
E-mail: hgoldens@usp.br

Diana Farkas
Virginia Tech
Address Blacksburg, VA 24061-0237 USA

Phone number: 540 231-4742
Fax number: 540 231-8919
E-mail: Diana@vt.edu

James Howe
U. of Virginia
Department of Materials Science & Engineering,
Charlotesville, VA 22904-4745, USA

Phone number: +1-434-982-5646
Fax number: +1-434-982-5660"
E-mail: jh9s@virginia.edu

Yves Brechet
LTM, Grenoble
Grenoble INP, Laboratoire SIMAP
BP75,38402 St Martin d’Heres, Grenoble, France

Phone number: 33-04-76826644
Fax number: 33-0-476826644





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