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  Symposium S:

Current Trends in Oxide Materials

Oxides have provided some of the most exciting engineering advances in recent years. For example, they have given us a new generation of cheap, reliable data storage. This symposium highlights common features and fundamental differences in oxides that can be used in electronics, magnetics and optics and will consider their potential for the future.

This is a Symposium with a very broad, yet specific, objective; the aim is to bring together researchers interested in oxides as the ceramic materials for advanced applications in devices. The topic necessarily emphasizes not only the manufacture of specific devices but also the preparation and characterization of the oxide materials used in these devices. Illustrations of the areas of interest include oxides as the basis for sensors and other active devices. (This area of interest includes ferroelectrics and multiferroics/ composites and single phase.) Oxide thin films and coatings for medical applications, as the essential component of TBCs, and other oxide Heterostructures and Interfaces. Oxide nanocomposites and the new porous oxides as filters and catalyst supports. It is also clear that oxides are often the essential component even when the active material is a non-oxide.

In addition to these applications we will highlight recent advances in thin-film deposition (ALD, PLC, CVD, etc.), characterization (XRD, TEM, spectroscopies) and computer modeling.

Papers are therefore encourage on the prepararation and processing of the oxides, particularly in thin-film or nano-structured form, including the growth of thin oxide films, the characterization of these different oxides and how these oxides are used, or may be used in the future, for producing new devices or materials with new properties.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • Magnetic interactions in cuprate-manganite heterostructures and superlattices
  • Superconductors
  • Transparent semiconductors
  • Oxides in Spintronics and Magnetoelectronics, spin transfer phenomena
  • Multifunctional Oxide Materials and nanostructures
  • LSM and related manganates. Oxides for data storage. Oxides for active devices
  • Oxides for catalysis. Oxides for energy (SOFCs)
  • Single phase films including ZnO, ITO, CeO2, YAG, YIG, LiBSO, MoO3, HfO2, TiO2, ZrO2
  • Multicomponent thin films of oxide glasses, ferrites, iron oxide, multiferroics, etc.
  • Novel oxide substrates (e.g., porous alumina, oxide nanotubes)
  • Oxide layers on non-oxide substrates (e.g., on polymers, metals and nitrides)
  • Techniques for deposition and characterization (including element-specific characterization)

Invited speakers/talks (confirmed list):

  • George Rossetti (UConn)
  • Maria Elena Fuentes-Montero (Univ of Chihuahua, Mexico)
  • Joysurya Basu (Univ of Connecticut)
  • Paul Bristowe (Cambridge)
  • Hanns-Ulrich Habermeier (MPI-FKF)

Scientific committee members:

  • C. Barry Carter
  • Giuseppina Padeletti
  • Hanns-Ulrich Habermeier
  • José Antonio Eiras (UFSCar, Brazil)
  • H. Hwang (U. Tokyo)
  • D. Blank (U. Twente)
  • J-M Triscone (U. Geneve)

Full papers: Journal of Materials Science (Springer) will publish Special ICAM 2009 issue(s) containing full papers of abstracts presented in this symposium provided such manuscripts are reviewed according to the Journal standards. Authors are invited, not obliged, to submit full length manuscripts.

For instructions, please check Full Papers Publication.

Symposium organizers:

C. Barry Carter
U. of Connecticut
Unit 3222, Address 191 Auditorium Road, Storrs, CT 06269

Phone number: (860) 486-4020
Fax number: (860) 486-2959

E-mail: cbcarter@engr.uconn.edu

Giuseppina Padeletti
ISMN - area della ricerca di Roma 1, via Salaria km 29.5, 00016 Monterotondo (Roma), Italy

Phone number: +39.06.90672346
Fax number: +39.06.90672372

E-mail: giuseppina.padeletti@mlib.ismn.cnr.it

Hans-Ulrich Habermeier
Max- Planck
Institute -FKF
Heisenbergstr. 1, Stuttgart, D70569, Germany

Phone number +49-711-6891372
Fax number +49-711-689-1389"
E-mail: huh@fkf.mpg.de

José Antonio Eiras
Physics Department
Rod. Washington Luis, km 235
13.565 - 905 – S. Carlos – SP - Brazil

Phone number +55 16 3351 8227
Fax number +55 3361 4835
E-mail: eiras@df.ufscar.br





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