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  Symposium O:

Materials for Direct Energy Conversion Systems

This symposium is aimed to show the latest advances regarding the theory, synthesis, characterization and applications of thermoelectric materials. It also aims at reviewing the “state of the art” in the field of photovoltaic, thermophotovoltaics, and structural materials (monolithics and ceramic matrix composites) for energy conversion systems.
This symposium will focus on novel materials, various processing and synthesis methods along with technologies and applications related to direct thermoelectric energy conversion. New theoretical and experimental directions in the development of advanced thermoelectric materials and devices will be emphasized. The symposium also intends to highlight recent material & device-design innovations that lead to higher efficiency thermal to electric energy conversion technologies.  Our goal is to ensure that this symposium make an important scientific contribution to the science and engineering of photovoltaic energy conversion.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

•    Theoretical guidance to high efficiency thermoelectric energy conversion
•    High-efficiency bulk thermoelectric materials and Nanostructured thermoelectric materials
•    Design, performance testing, fabrication and processing of thermoelectric devices
•    Photovoltaic energy conversion; High-efficiency and low-cost Materials
•    Materials for High Temperature thermophotovoltaic energy conversion systems
•    Direct energy conversion – Materials for Stirling Engine applications
•    Multifunctional Energy harvesting concepts
•    High temperature structural materials for energy conversion; Monolithic ceramics and Ceramic Matrix Composites for High Energy Conversion System

Invited speakers/talks (cofirmed list):

•    R. Funahashi / AIST, Japan
•    L. Cheng / Shanghai Inistute of Ceramics, China
•    A. Shakouri / University of California - Santa Cruz, USA
•    D. Marshall / Teledyne Scientific, USA
•    Frank W Zok / UC Santa Barbara
•    Alida Bellosi / CNR-ISTEC, Faenza, Italy
•    Hiroshi HARADA / National Institute for Ma
•    David Clark / Harvard University, Cambr
•    Sanjay SAMPATH / State University of New Y
•    Fred W DYNYS / NASA

Scientific committee members:

•    M. H. Berger / Ecole des Mines des Paris, France
•    T. Caillat / NASA JPL, USA
•    J. Fuller / Air Force Office of Scientific Research, USA
•    K. Koumoto/ University of Nagoya, Japan
•    C. Levi / University of California at Santa Barbara, USA
•    H. Sandin / DEMAR-EEL-USP, Brazil
•    A. Sayir / NASA GRC, USA
•    H. Scherrer/ Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France

Symposium organizers:

Ali Sayir
NASA / Case Western
21000 Brookpark Rd. / MS106-5,
Cleveland, OH 44135 - USA

Phone number: +1 (216) 433-6254
Fax number: +1 (216) 433-5544
E-mail: ali.sayir-1@nasa.gov

Thierry Caillat
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109 - USA

Phone number: +1(818) 354-0407
Fax number: +1 (818) 393-6951
E-mail: thierry.caillat@jpl.nasa.gov

Marie-Helene Berger
Centre des Materiaux
10 rue Henri Desbruyères (RN446 SNECMA)
BP 87 - 91003 Evry Cedex - FRANCE

Phone number: +33 (1) 6076-3079
Fax number: +33(1) 6076-315
E-mail: marie-helene.berger@ensmp.fr

Carlos G. Levi
1361D Engineering II
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5050

Phone number: 805-893-2381
Fax number: 805-893-8486
E-mail: levic@engineering.ucsb.edu

Hugo Sandim

E-mail: hsandim@demar.eel.usp.br





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