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Session: 09.21, 18:30 to 20:30 - Room: Louvre

Chair Person: Guillermo Solorzano and Gustaaf Van Tendeloo
F - Solving Nanostructures through Electron Microscopy
Eugene Petrovich Prokopiev
PDF F507 - Method of convergence used for calculating electron transport described by 3D invariant imbedding differential equations.
Carlos M Figueroa (LAFISO-UNT) and Silvia P Heluani (LAFISO-UNT)
PDF F509 - Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of the Influence of Catalyst Deposition Techniques on the State of Catalytic Nanoparticles and Carbon Nanotubes
Igor Ivanovich Khodos (IMT RAS), Yusif Alekberovich Kasumov (IMT RAS), Vladimir Timofeevich Volkov (IMT RAS) and Viktor Nikolaevich Matveev (IMT RAS)
PDF F510 - Surfactant Self-Assembly on Substrates and the Dewetting Process
Juliana da Silva Bernardes (Unicamp) and Fernando Galembeck (Unicamp)
PDF F511 - Phase Transition Induced on Ag/TiO2 Thin Films by Transmitted Electron Beam
Marcelo Machado Viana (UFMG), Nelcy Della Mohallem (UFMG), Karla Balzuweit (DF/UFMG) and Douglas Rodrigues Miquita (UFMG)
PDF F512 - Environmental effects on chemical stability of Fe0.85Ni0.15 alloy studied at high pressures and high temperatures
Suzana Bottega Peripolli (INMETRO), Alexei Yu Kuznetsov (INMETRO), Lincoln Silva Gomes (INMETRO), Anastasia Kantor (Universität Bayreuth), Leonid Dubronvinsky (Universität Bayreuth), Carlos Alberto Achete (Inmetro/ Coppe) and Vitali Prakapenka (University of Chicago)
PDF F517 - Synthesis processing and Characterization of Cu-CNT Nanocomposites
Martin Emilio Mendoza (PUC-Rio), Guillermo Solorzano (PUC-Rio), Eduardo Albuquerque Brocchi (PUC-RJ) and Célio Albano Costa (COPPE/UFRJ)
PDF F519 - Design and Construction of a STM oriented to the study of passivated metallic nanoparticles
Bruno Vieira da Cunha Martins (IFGW - UNICAMP), Varlei Rodrigues (IFGW - UNICAMP) and Daniel Ugarte (Unicamp)
PDF F520 - Production of nanocrystalline Fe74,3Si14,2Cu1Nb3B7,5 alloy for magnetic sensors
Geronimo Perez (PUC-Rio), Guillermo Solorzano (PUC-Rio) and Luiz Carvalho Benyosef (ON-MCT)
PDF F521 - Distribution of clay platelets in blend nanocomposites by molecular mapping in energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM)
Elisangela Moura Linares (Unicamp), Marcia Maria Rippel (Unicamp) and Fernando Galembeck (Unicamp)
PDF F522 - SEM analyses after FIB preparation of the subsurface layer zone of steel balls modified by wear
Suzana Bottega Peripolli (INMETRO), Lincoln Silva Gomes (INMETRO), Marcia M Maru (INMETRO), Alexei Yu Kuznetsov (INMETRO), Adelci Menezes De Oliveira (PETROBRAS) and Carlos Alberto Achete (Inmetro/ Coppe)
PDF F523 - HRTEM and Molecular Simulation Analysis of e - Fe2-3N AND g' - Fe4N Nitrides
Ariosto Medina Flores (UMSNH), Luis Béjar Gómez (UMSNH), Héctor Carréon Garcideuñas (UMSNH), Salomon Borjas García (UMSNH) and Ismeli Alfonso López (UNAM)
PDF F524 - Determination of Ti(C,N) Nanoprecipitates in a Low-Carbon Microalloyed Steel by HRTEM analysis
Ariosto Medina Flores (UMSNH), Luis Béjar Gómez (UMSNH), Héctor Carréon Garcideuñas (UMSNH), Jose Luis Bernal Ponce (Universidad Politécnica d) and Ismeli Alfonso López (UNAM)
PDF F525 - One-step CVD synthesis of nanometric carbon rings and junctions
Nestor Perea-Lopez (IPICYT), Emilio Munoz-Sandoval (IPICYT), Ana Laura Elias-Arriaga (IPICYT), Humberto Terrones (IPICYT), Benji Maruyama (WP-AFRL) and Mauricio Terrones (IPICyT)
PDF F531 - Synthesis and characterization of SnO2 sphere nanostructures
Thiago Sequinel (UNESP), Sergio Mazurek Tebcherani (UEPG), Sergio Cava (Itajara Minérios), José Arana Varela (Unesp-Araraquara), Sergio Ricardo de Lazaro (UEPG) and Juliana de Oliveira Pimenta (UEPG)
PDF F533 - Advanced Electron Microscopy Characterization of GaN-based High Electron Mobility Transistors
David Cullen (Arizona State University), Lin Zhou (Arizona State University), Jacob Leach (Virginia Commonwealth), Hadis Morkoc (Virginia Commonwealth), Peter Fejes (Freescale Semiconductor), David Smith (Arizona State University) and Martha McCartney (Arizona State University)





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