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Session: 09.21, 18:30 to 20:30 - Room: Louvre
T - Functional Materials For Organic Electronic and Nanotechnology
PDF T506 - The mobility in molecular organic systems with energies given by a charge-induced dipoles interaction
CAMILA TONEZER (UFPR) and Jose Arruda Freire (UFPR)
Rafaela Cristina Sanfelice (USP), Felippe José PAvinatto (USP), Debora Terezia Balogh (USP) and Osvaldo Novais Oliveira Jr (USP)
PDF T508 - Preparation of carboxylic- and hydroxylated-functionalized polythiophenes and their VOCs sensing properties
Vanessa Cristina Gonçalves (IFSC/USP) and Debora Terezia Balogh (IFSC/USP)
PDF T514 - Molecular Architecture, Photoluminescence, dc Electrical Characterization and Sensor Applications of Perylene Derivative Thin Films Thermally Evaporated
Diogo Volpati (UNESP/FCT - Pres Prudente), Antonio Riul Jr (UFSCar/Sorocaba), Clarissa Almeida Olivati (UNESP/IGCE - Rio Claro) and Carlos José Leopoldo Constantino (UNESP/FCT - Pres Prudente)
PDF T515 - Photophysic study in stretched polyfluorene thin films
Rafael Henriques Longaresi (IFSC-USP), Gregório Couto Faria (IFSC-USP), Francisco E Gontijo Guimarães (IFSC-USP) and Roberto Mendonça Faria (IFSC/USP)
PDF T516 - Poly-3-thiophenes layer-by-layer films: sensors applications
Marystela Ferreira (UFSCar/Campus Sorocaba), Bruno Bassi (IFSC/USP), Anerise de Barros (UFSCar/Campus Sorocaba) and Debora Terezia Balogh (IFSC/USP)
PDF T523 - Energy Transfer between Au/Polyaniline Nanocomposite and Fluorenes
Etelino José Monteiro Vera Cruz Feijó de Melo (UFPE), Clécio Gomes dos Santos (UFPE) and Celso Pinto de Melo (UFPE)
PDF T524 - Studies of the electric and morphologic properties of POMA/PMMA blends deposited by spin coating technique
Nizamara Simenremis Pereira (UnB), Maria José Araujo Sales (UnB) and Artemis Marti Ceschin (UnB)
PDF T525 - Electrical characterization of polyaniline/poly(vinyl sulfonic acid) layer-by-layer films
Mirela de Castro Santos (UFOP) and Rodrigo Fernando Bianchi (UFOP)
Giovana Ribeiro Ferreira (UFOP), Cláudia Karina Barbosa de Vasconcelos (UFOP) and Rodrigo Fernando Bianchi (UFOP)
PDF T527 - Miscibility studies of azopolymer /poly3-alkylthiophene mixtures in solution and on Langmuir films
Lucineia Ferreira Ceridório (USP-Instituto de Física d), Vanessa Cristina Gonçalves (USP-Instituto de Física d), Felippe José Pavinatto (USP-Instituto de Física d), Tapani Viitala (KSV Instruments- Finland), Debora Terezia Balogh (USP) and Osvaldo Novais Oliveira Jr (USP)
PDF T528 - Electrical biosensors for triglycerides based on lipase immobilization in layer-by-layer films
Marli Leite Moraes (UFSCar/Sorocaba), William Mathiazzi Graciano (UFSCar/Sorocaba), Clarissa Almeida Olivati (UNESP/IGCE - Rio Claro), Osvaldo Novais Oliveira Jr (IFSC/USP) and Marystela Ferreira (UFSCar/Sorocaba)
PDF T529 - Investigation of Polyfluorene Based Polymers-Regenerated Cellulose Interaction Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Raquel Aparecida Domingues (UNICAMP) and Teresa Dib Zambon Atvars (UNICAMP)
PDF T531 - Non-Electroneutrality in Polyethylene
Thiago Augusto Burgo (UNICAMP), Camila Alves Rezende (UNICAMP) and Fernando Galembeck (Unicamp)
PDF T533 - Accessing 3D dimension on a wedding cake like SEBS block copolymer droplet
Marcelo Assumpção Pereira-da-Silva (IFSC/USP-UNICEP), Antonio Jose Felix Carvalho (UFSCAR/Sorocaba), Debora Pereira Magalhaes (UFSCar) and Roberto Mendonça Faria (IFSC/USP)
PDF T534 - Irradiation of MEH-PPV with gamma rays in alkyl halide
Erika Soares Bronze Uhle (UNESP), João Francisco Borin (USP), Marcus Vinicius Gonçalves Vismara (UNESP), Andrei Paulo de Assis (UNESP) and Carlos Frederico de Oliveira Graeff (FC-UNESP)
PDF T535 - Determination of Carrier Mobility in MEH-PPV by Time-of-Flight, Dark Injection SCLC and Charge Extraction in a Linearly Increasing Voltage (CELIV) techniques.
Cleber Alexandre de Amorim (UFSCar), Fernando Bernardo Sousa (UFSCar), Marco Roberto Cavallari (EP-USP), Gerson dos Santos (EP-USP), Fernado Josepetti Fonseca (EP-USP), Adnei Andrade (IEE-USP) and Sérgio Mergulhão (UFSCar)
PDF T536 - Study of charge carriers mobility in poly (9, 9-dioctylfluorenyl-2, 7-diy) capped with N, N-Bis (4-methylphenyl)-4-aniline (PFO)
Cleber Alexandre de Amorim (UFSCar), Gregório Couto Faria (IFSC-USP), Roberto Mendonça Faria (IFSC-USP) and Sérgio Mergulhão (UFSCar)
PDF T538 - Dielectric relaxation studies of ultrathin film of sulfonated polystyrene
Washington da Silva Sousa (IFSC/USP), Roberto Mendonça Faria (IFSC/USP) and Antonio Jose Felix Carvalho (UFSCar/Sorocaba)
PDF T539 - Functionalized adamantane: fundamental building blocks for nanostructure self-assembly
Joelson Cott Garcia (IF/USP), Joao Francisco Justo (EP/USP), Wanda Valle Marcondes Machado (IF/USP) and Lucy Vitoria Credidio Assali (IF/USP)
PDF T540 - Hybrid photovoltaic devices using a carboxilated poly(3-hexyl thiophene) derivative
Adriana Pereira Ibaldo (IFSC/USP), Roberto Mendonça Faria (IFSC/USP), Helmut Neugebauer (LIOS/JKU) and Serdar Nyiazi Sariciftci (LIOS/JKU)
PDF T541 - Non-electroneutrality of silica surfaces: role of water adsorption
Rubia Figueredo Gouveia (Unicamp) and Fernando Galembeck (Unicamp)
PDF T543 - Micro-channel fabrication in an e-tongue system
Antonio Riul Jr (UFSCar), Maria Helena Piazzetta (LNLS), Angelo Luiz Gobbi (LNLS) and Cleber Aparecido Rocha Dantas (FCT/UNESP)
PDF T544 - Theoretical-study on the contribution of oxygen and chloroform to the sensibility of organic dosimeter
Cláudia Karina Barbosa de Vasconcelos (UFOP), Giovana Ribeiro Ferreira (UFOP), Pedro Alves da Silva Autreto (UNICAMP), Marcelo Zimmer Sampaio Flores (UNICAMP), Douglas Soares Galvão (UNICAMP), Eduardo Ribeiro de Azevedo (USP) and Rodrigo Fernando Bianchi (UFOP)
PDF T546 - Complex networks to simulate electrical properties in disordered materials
McGlennon da Rocha Régis (UFOP), Rodrigo Fernando Bianchi (UFOP) and Américo Tristão Bernardes (UFOP)
PDF T547 - Enhancement of the performance in organic solar cells through incorporation of gold nanoparticles.
Giovanni de Lima Cabral Conturbia (IQ/UNICAMP), João Hermes Clerice (IFGW/UNICAMP), Mônica Alonso Cotta (IFGW/UNICAMP), Jilian Freitas (IQ-UNICAMP) and Ana Flavia Nogueira (IQ/UNICAMP)
PDF T548 - Characterization of antigenic peptide p17-1 from HIV-1 in nanostructured films
Laís Petri (UFSCar), Marli Leite Moraes (UFSCar) and Marystela Ferreira (UFSCar)
PDF T550 - Investigation of Magnetoresistance in Europium Based Organic Devices Using Magnetic Field Modulation Technique
Marco Cremona (PUC-Rio), Rafael MB dos Santos (PUC-Rio), Helio R Carvalho (PUC-Rio) and Antonio Carlos O Bruno (PUC-Rio)
PDF T551 - Study of Charge Transport in Polyvinyl Alcohol Organic Matrix/Cadmium Sulphide Particles Composite Material
Haroldo Naoyuki Nagashima (UNESP - Ilha Solteira) and Hermes Adolfo Aquino (UNESP - Ilha Solteira)
PDF T552 - Synthesis and characterization of new materials derived from 4-methoxy-aniline
João Marcos Madurro (UFU), Ana Graci Brito-Madurro (UFU), Ana Consuelo Felipe (UFU) and Diego Leoni Franco (UFU)
PDF T554 - MIS capacitor using polyaniline as semiconductor
Neri Alves (Unesp), Efraim Antonio Caprioli (Unesp), Fernando Pereira Sabino (Unesp), Aldo Eloizo Job (Unesp), Donizete Aparecido Buscatti Junior (Unesp) and José Alberto Giacometti (Unesp)
PDF T555 - Photodegradation of the Hole Transporting Layer by Synchrotron Radiation
Gunar Vingre da Silva Mota (UNIFAP), Maria Luiza de Miranda Rocco (UFRJ), Marco Cremona (PUC-RIO), Antônio Maia de Jesus chaves neto (UFPA), Welber Gianini Quirino (PUC-RIO), Erlandsson Anthony Sousa (UFRJ) and Marcos Rafael Mendonça Chagas (UFS)
PDF T556 - Simulations of C-V and C-f curves for organic MIS capacitor: effects of accumulation layer width and front edge of depletion layer
José Alberto Giacometti (FCT - UNESP), Fernando Pereira Sabino (FCT - UNESP), Élder Mantovani (FCT - UNESP) and Neri Alves (FCT - UNESP)
PDF T557 - Controlling degradation process on thin layers of conjugated polymers
Rawlinson Medeiros Ibiapina (DF-CCN-UFPI), Maria Alexsandra Rios (DQ-CCN-UFPI), Ángel Alberto Hidalgo (DF-CCN-UFPI) and João Mariz Guimarães Neto (DF-CCN-UFPI)
PDF T559 - Transparent Nanocomposite Bacterial Cellulose Used as Flexible Substrate for OLED
Cristiano Legnani (Inmetro/Dimat), Hernane da Silva Barud (Unesp/IQ), Welber Gianini Quirino (Inmetro), José Maurício Almeida Caiut (Unesp/IQ), Sidney josé Lima Ribeiro (UNESP), Carlos Alberto Achete (Inmetro/Coppe) and Marco Cremona (PUC-Rio)
PDF T560 - Light-emission simulation of organic light-emitting diodes by using discrete ray-trace optical computation
Lucas Fugikawa Santos (UNESP/SJRP)
PDF T561 - Integration of PLED Structures to Microchannel Arrays for Analytical Systems
Tabata Vidal (UNESP/SJRP), Guilherme Oliveira Silva (UNESP/SJRP) and Lucas Fugikawa Santos (UNESP/SJRP)
PDF T563 - Optical characterization of phthalocyanine compounds at different pH
Luiz Pereira da Silva Neto (DF-CCN-UFPI), Bruno de Jesus Oliveira (DF-CCN-UFPI), Edgar Alves Araujo Junior (DQ-CCN-UFPI), Maria Alexsandra Rios (DQ-CCN-UFPI), Ángel Alberto Hidalgo (DF-CCN-UFPI), Helder Nunes da Cunha (DF-CCN-UFPI) and Maria Leticia Vega (DF-CCN-UFPI)
PDF T564 - Luminescent properties of light emitting devices based on a new terbium b-diketonate complex
Alessandra Pereira (IF-UFSC), Gilmar Conte (IQ-UFSC), Hugo Gallardo (IQ-UFSC), Welber Gianini Quirino (Inmetro), Ivan Helmuth Bechtold (IF-UFSC), Francisco Gontijo Guimarães (IFSC) and Luiz Antônio de Oliveira Nunes (IFSC)
PDF T566 - Influence of an electron transport layer of a White Polymer Light Emitting Diode
Gerson dos Santos (EPUSP), Fernando Josepetti Fonseca (LME, PSI, EPUSP, Brasil), Jeferson De Deus (UFPR), Leni Campos Akcelrud (UFPR), Adnei Melges Andrade (EPUSP, IEE-USP) and Luiz Fernando Pereira (UA)
PDF T567 - Photo-physical properties of a new luminescent polymer
Gerson dos Santos (EPUSP), Fernando Josepetti Fonseca (LME, PSI, EPUSP, Brasil), Isabel Romero Grova (UPFR), Leni Campos Akcelrud (UFPR), Adnei Melges Andrade (EPUSP, IEE-USP), Luis Rino (UA) and Luiz Fernando Pereira (UA)
PDF T568 - Effects of functionalization by carboxylic groups of carbon nanotubes on the formation of composites with MEHPPV
Sandra Lúcia Nogueira (UFU), Clascidia Aparecida Furtado (CDTN/CNEN), Newton Martins Barbosa Neto (UFU), Cristiano Fantini (UFMG), Adelina Pinheiro Santos (CDTN/CNEN), Alexandre Marletta (UFU) and Raigna Augusta Silva (UFU)
PDF T569 - Bandgap in one thienylene-phenylene conjugated polymer
Sandra Lúcia Nogueira (UFU), Hugo Santos Silva (UFU), Alexandre Marletta (UFU), Newton Martins Barbosa Neto (UFU) and Raigna Augusta Silva (UFU)
PDF T570 - Impedance Spectroscopy of organic azo compound under pH variation
Sheila Cristina Santos Costa (UFPI), Luana Alves de Souza Liberato (UFPI), Bruno de Jesus Oliveira (UFPI), Maria Leticia Vega (UFPI) and Ángel Alberto Hidalgo (UFPI)
PDF T571 - Negative Capacitance Effect on Metal/Pentacene/Metal Structures
Françoise Toledo Reis, Lucas Fugikawa Santos (UNESP/SJRP) and Heinz von Seggern (TU Darmstadt)
PDF T572 - E.I.S evaluation of Chitosan- Polypyrrole Film
Eduardo Etzberger Feistauer (UFS), Pilar Aranda (ICMM-CSIC-ES), Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky (ICMM-CSIC-ES), Oswaldo Luis Alves (IQ-UNICAMP), Iara de Fatima Gimenez (UFS) and Ledjane Silva Barreto (UFS)
PDF T574 - Electrical Analysis of Polymer Luminescent Devices Having IZO as Cathode
Gonçalo Pedro Gonçalves, Edivaldo Luiz Queiroz, Elvira Fortunato, Rodrigo Martins and Roberto Mendonça Faria
PDF T575 - Photovoltaic effect observed in junctions based on Buriti oil
Artemis Marti Ceschin (UnB) and Elizete Rocha da Silva (UnB)
PDF T576 - Structural and Molecular Dynamic Studies of Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) Crystalline Phases
Gregório Couto Faria (IFSC/USP), Wesley de Souza Bezerra (IFSC/USP) and Eduardo Ribeiro de Azevedo (IFSC/USP)
PDF T577 - Aluminum doped ZnO thin films deposited by r.f. magnetron sputtering at low frequency and room temperature
Nilson dos Santos Ferreira (UFRJ/ COPPE/ PEMM/), Leandro José Raniero (UVP) and Renata Antoun Simão (UFRJ/ COPPE/ PEMM/)





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