ICAM 2009 - CD-ROM


Session: 09.21, 18:30 to 20:30 - Room: Louvre
N - Materials for Nuclear Power Generation
PDF N501 - Synthesis and characterization of lithium silicates powders
Tao Tang (CAEP), De-Li Luo (CAEP) and Zhi Zhang (CAEP)
PDF N502 - Mathematical Simulation of the Growth of the Interaction Layer Between UMo Fuels Dispersed in Aluminium and Other Metallic Matrices
Fábio Branco Vaz de Oliveira (IPEN/CNEN) and Humberto Gracher Riella (UFSC)
PDF N508 - Sensibility of mechanical and electrochemical tests in detecting alpha prime phase in duplex stainless steels aged at 475 ºC
Talita Filier Fontes (IPEN), Maysa Terada (EPUSP), Angelo Fernando Padilha (University of S Paulo), Rodrigo Magnabosco (FEI) and Isolda Costa (IPEN)
PDF N510 - Volumetric Gas Hydrogenation of a Nickel Alloy 718
Leonardo Sales Araujo (UFRJ), Tatiane Siqueira dos Santos (UFRJ), Andre Freitas Ribeiro (UFRJ), Dilson Silva dos Santos (UFRJ/COPPE/PEMM) and Luiz Henrique de Almeida (UFRJ/COPPE/PEMM)
PDF N512 - Nanoscopic study on the chemical species during uranium electrodeposition foralpha spectrometry
Maria Elena Montero-Cabrera (CIMAV, Mexico), Carmen Grisel Mendez-Garcia (CIMAV, Mexico), Hilda Esperanza Esparza-Ponce (CIMAV, Mexico), Diana Cecilia Burciaga-Valencia (CIMAV, Mexico), Angela Medina Beesley (University of Manchester), Luis Edmundo Fuentes (CIMAV, Mexico) and Luis Fuentes-Montero (CIMAV, Mexico)
PDF N516 - A comparative study of UO2 ceramic pellets for nuclear applications made from different Wet process industrial manufacturing routes
Franklin L Palheiros (INB), Reinaldo Gonzaga (INB) and Alexandre R Soares (INB)
PDF N519 - Irradiation-Induced Solute Clustering in 1 Ni – 1.3 Mn Welds
Mary Grace Burke (Bechtel Marine Propulsion), Jonathan M Hyde (NNL, UK) and Robin M Boothby (NNL, UK)





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