IX Encontro da SBPMat

J - Estruturas e propriedades dos materiais metaestáveis

Relação de trabalhos aceitos para este simpósio

Código Título
J501 Photochromic Complexes of Ormosil Xerogels Studied by Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Poster)
J502 Adsorption Analisys of TiO2 prepared by Pechini method (Poster)
J503 Effect of high pressure on thermal and mechanical properties of glass-ceramics (Oral)
J504 Friable diamond synthesis in the system Ni-Mn-C with dopant Zn under high pressure and high temperature (Poster)
J505 Glass Forming Ability and Mechanical Behavior of the Ni60Nb37B3 Alloy (Poster)
J506 Highlighting the structure and properties of defective titania thanks to modelling (Oral)
J507 Hessdalen lights and thermoluminescence from rock dust aerosols (Oral)
J508 Hydrothermal Synthesis of a NiP Carbon Hybrid (Poster)
J509 Synthesis and characterization of nanometric hexagonal NiS (Poster)
J510 Microstructural changes due to hydride formation in Zr-Nb commercial tubes for nuclear use (Oral)
J511 The use of ionic silsesquioxane as stabilizer and storage of gold nanoparticles (Poster)
J512 Films of ionic silsesquioxane/silver nanoparticles system on glass substrate (Poster)
J513 Characterization of the xHAp + (1-x)Nb2O5 nanostructured composite via Rietveld method (Poster)
J514 Thermal and rheological properties of PLA/synthetic mica composites (Poster)
J515 Photo-degradation of fluorene and phenylene-vynylene based polymers as studied by Optical and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopies (Poster)
J516 An evaluation of microstructure and microhardness of pure aluminum processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE) (Poster)
J517 Analysis of microstructure and microhardness of Zr-2,5%Nb processed by High Pressure Torsion (HPT) (Poster)
J518 Electrical characterization of epoxy/polyaniline-silver composites (Poster)
J519 Stereocomplexes of PLLA-PDLA obtained with calcium compounds (Poster)
J520 Analyze the local structure of concentrated magnetic nanocolloids using SAXS (Poster)
J521 Anelastic Behavior of the Cu53,5Zr42Al4,5 and Cu39,5Zr51Al9,5 Alloys by Mechanical Spectroscopy (Poster)
J522 Effect of Pd and Pd-Nb Additions on the MgH2 Produced by Reactive Milling Under H2 Atmosphere (Oral)
J523 Study of hydrogen sorption in MgH2-V alloys performed by reactive mechanical milling (Invited Lecture)
J524 Synthesis and carctherization of Ti-Cr-V alloy with addtion of Nb for hydrogen storage (Oral)
J525 The influence of grain boundary engineering processing route on the properties of nickel-base superalloy 718 (Oral)
J526 Study of the triangular XY Vector Blume-Emery-Griffiths by Monte Carlo simulation (Poster)
J527 Theoretical Calculation of the Leslies Viscosity Coefficient α1 in the Nematic Phase of Five Compounds (Poster)
J528 New method to obtain silk fibroin hydrogels (Poster)
J529 Synthesis and structure features of alkoxysil-poly (HEMA-co-MMA) prepared by sol gel process (Poster)
J530 Synthesis and characterization of Mg with nanoporous Pd-Pt alloy addition (Invited Lecture)
J531 Preparation of magnetic nanocolloids concentrated by osmotic compression (Poster)
J532 Crystalline phase identification of silica-zirconia based materials obtained by sol-gel (Oral)
J533 Effect of acrylic acid incorporation in the properties of PMMA nanocomposites prepared by in situ emulsion polymerization (Poster)