IX Encontro da SBPMat

I - Revestimentos Protetores: Engenharia de Superfícies

Relação de trabalhos aceitos para este simpósio

Código Título
I504 SXRD and AFM studies of Hydroxyapatite and Fluorhydroxyapatite coatings produced by off-axis RF magnetron sputtering (Oral)
I501 New method to impregnate thin film on solid substrates (Oral)
I502 Titanium nitride coatings on Ti-35Nb-7Zr-5Ta alloy produced by powder metallurgy (Poster)
I503 Effect of Laser Peening treatment on the oxidation of steel to heat exchanger: influence on morphology and composition of oxides (Poster)
I506 Synthesis and sintering of boron carbide (BxCy) by microwave plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition (MWCVD) (Poster)
I507 Microstructural and electrochemical properties of Sn/Nb alloy electrodeposited on the AISI 1010 steel (Poster)
I509 Plasma surface modification of polystyrene inhibits Staphylococcus epidermidis pathogenic biofilm formation (Oral)
I510 The versatility of hydrogen in plasma diffusion processes for surface engineering (Oral)
I511 Using Longitudinal Waves Generated by Pulsed Laser Shocks for Characterization of Films of AlN/Al (Poster)
I513 Cerium conversion coatings for the corrosion protection of aluminum alloys: the influence of bath parameters (Poster)
I514 Subatmospheric and low pressure nitrogen plasma immersion ion implantation applied to SS304, Al7075, Ti6Al4V and Si (Poster)
I515 Plasma immersion ion implantation-enhanced deposition: a novel method for Cr coatings (Poster)
I516 Combination of self assembled monolayers and polyaniline for corrosion protection of aluminum alloys (Poster)
I517 Influence of deposition power and SF6 plasma treatment on the structure and properties of hydrogenated amorphous carbon film prepared by PECVD (Poster)
I520 A new selective surface for thermal solar collectors using iron oxide, chromium oxide and titanium oxide (Poster)
I522 Mechanical property and microstructural characterization of Al2O3-CeO2-ZrO2 ceramic composites developed for the fabrication of protetive coatings for crude petroleum storage tanks (Poster)
I524 Hydrophobicity of Amorphous Carbon Films Treated With CF4 + Ar plasma (Poster)
I526 Influence of deposition pressure on the structure and properties of polymers film prepared by plasma polymerization/IIIP (Poster)
I527 Plasma polymer deposition/ion immersion implantation from HMDSO and nitrogen mixture (Poster)
I528 Nanocomposite Thin Films of Ag/TiO2 deposited onto 316L stainless steel (Poster)
I530 Surface modification of carbon fibers by plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) (Poster)
I531 Pulsed laser polishing of steel surfaces (Oral)
I532 Study of reticulated vitreous carbon modification by plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) treatment (Poster)
I533 Analysis of Gold-Sulfite-Fomaldehyde baths ond their gold electrodeposits (Oral)
I534 Study of gold-sulfite-hypophosphite baths and their deposits obtained through electrochemical deposition (Poster)
I535 Titanium diboride films: The effects of the substrate bias and the deposition pressure (Poster)
I537 Mechanical Characterization of Fe-Al intermetallic coatings on P92 steel by means of nanoindentation (Oral)
I538 Effect of the corona treatment on polyester fabrics (Poster)
I539 Solidification of coatings processed with atomized feedstock (Poster)
I540 Influence of the number of cerium oxide layers in the efficiency of protection against corrosion for AA-2024-T3 aluminum alloy (Poster)
I541 Corrosion resistant coatings based on organic-inorganichybrids reinforced by carbon nanotubes (Poster)
I542 Study of roughness evolution in short-period atomic layer deposited HfO2/Al2O3 multilayers (Poster)
I543 Evaluation of surface modification by oxygen plasma on the adhesion of thin films of a-C:H obtained by PECVD process in packaging of clarified PP (Poster)
I544 Surface modification of reticulated vitreous carbon by plasma immersion ion implantation for application in electrochemical studies (Poster)
I545 Implantation of nitrogen and formations of iron nitride/chromium oxide by PIII in 304 stainless steel (Poster)
I546 Duplex treatment and adhesion: the relationship between plasma nitriding in H13 and X100CrMoV8-1-1 steel substrates and adhesion of TiCN and AlCrN coatings (Oral)
I547 Sintered unalloyed iron patterning by plasma nitriding (Poster)
I549 Analysis of grain-oriented electrical steel oxide layer by means of FT-IR technique (Poster)
I551 Investigation on copper corrosion into citrate medium at diferents pH (Poster)
I552 CO2 laser surface treatment and covering with carbon black on AISI 4340 steel (Poster)
I553 CO2 laser covering of AISI 4340 steel with boron carbide (Poster)
I554 The effect of accelerated aging on the properties of thin films of a-C:H obtained by the PECVD process from recycled PET from packaging (Poster)
I555 DLC as an alternative material for development of high temperature strain sensors (Poster)
I558 Evaluation of wear mechanisms in the honing process of porcelain stoneware tiles (Poster)
I559 Nanoceramic Alumina and Zirconia as corrosion inhibitors (Poster)
I560 Study of surface energy of polypropylene films treated by corona at a ambient temperature and above (Poster)
I561 Influence of CoW2B2 and CoWB ternary phases on adherence of CVD diamond films on WC-TiC-Co substrates (Poster)
I562 Radiation UVC effects on metal protective films, made of polyurethane derived from castor oil (Poster)
I564 Thermal Barrier Coatings Applied to Aerospacel Technology (Poster)
I565 Protection of polymeric materials used in low earth orbit environment (Poster)
I566 Electrochemical nucleation of molybdenum carbide in molten fluorides (Poster)
I567 Influence of immersion time on the corrosion behavior of PECVD Tetrametoxysilane films - an EIS study (Poster)
I568 Comparative study of tribological properties of the Ti6Al4V alloy treated by different plasma immersion ion implantation heating methods (Poster)
I569 Diamond- Like Carbon thin film produced by Pulsed Laser Deposition (Poster)
I571 Sub-surface deformation of TMD-C nanocomposite coatings during sliding studied by SEM/FIB and TEM techniques (Poster)
I572 Nickel electrodeposition in copper for use as interconnects of solid oxide fuel cells (Poster)
I574 Evaluation of the corrosion inhibition of carbon steel in acid media in the presence of plant extracts by surface characterization techniques (Poster)
I575 Oxidation of Cr-Fe alloys at high temperatures (Poster)
I576 Zirconium nitride thin films for application in biomaterials (Poster)
I577 Amorphous hydrogenated carbon films deposited by hollow-cathode plasmas: optical characterization of films and plasma (Poster)
I579 Electrodeposition of Polypyrrole on Aluminum Surfaces from Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid Aqueous Solution (Poster)
I580 Three dimensional structuring of silicone-rubber as encapsulants for devices (Poster)
I582 Plasma nitriding of nickel-titanium alloy (Poster)
I583 In situ spinel formation in refractories lining of steel ladles (Poster)
I584 Comparative study of thermal and thermochemistry etching in zirconia with equimolar addition of YO1,5 and NbO2,5 (Oral)
I585 Cobalt electrodeposition in 430 steel for use as interconnects of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) (Poster)
I586 Optimization of novel drug delivery system using natural rubber latex as matrix: Use of the metronidazole as drug model (Poster)
I587 Capacitance and dissipation factor measures at different frequencies and electrolyte concentrations. (Poster)
I590 DLC films as protective coatings to improve lifetime of devices used in aerospacial and automotive industries (Invited Lecture)