IX Encontro da SBPMat

D - Ligas com Efeito de Memória de Forma

Relação de trabalhos aceitos para este simpósio

Código Título
D501 Stress Relief, Recovery, Recrystallization and Phase Transformation in Ni-Ti Equiatomic Alloy Study by DSC, Dilatometry and Electrical Resistivity (Oral)
D502 A study of two comercial NiTi Alloys (Oral)
D503 Influence of water quenching cycles on the phase transformation temperatures of a CuAlBe alloy (Poster)
D504 Hot rolling influence on dynamic properties of NiTi shape memory alloys (Poster)
D505 Mechanical properties of martensitic CuZnAl foams in the pseudoelastic regime (Oral)
D506 Shape Memory Alloy: A Preliminary Study of Nitinol Judet Staples for Future Application in Flail Chest (Oral)
D507 Analysis of the mechanical behavior of SMAHC bars manufactured in closed moulds (Oral)
D508 Thermomechanical Behavior of an Active Epoxy-organoclay Nanocomposite with Embedded Ni-Ti Shape Memory Wires (Poster)
D509 On the thermomechanical processing of a Cu-Al-Ni-Mn-Ti shape memory alloy (Poster)
D510 Characterization of a monocrystalline Cu-13.7Al-4.2Ni alloy submitted to thermal cycling treatment under load (Poster)
D511 Study of a Ni-Ti-Cu shape memory alloy with phase transformation near room temperature (Poster)
D512 Toxicity Study of Nacional Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloys used for Orthodontic Appliances (Poster)
D513 Thermomechanical behavior of Ni-Ti wires micro-welded by capacitor-discharge (Poster)
D514 A critical analysis on the use of dynamic-mechanical analyzer (DMA) in the study of shape memory alloys (Poster)
D515 Compression behavior of a polycrystalline Cu-13.7%Al-4%Ni alloy (Poster)
D516 Martensitic transformation and microstructure modificatons in copper based shape memory alloys (Oral)
D517 The effects of grain size and chemical composition on the martensitic transformation of shape memory stainless steel (Poster)
D518 Damping capacity of shape memory stainless steel: influence of chemical composition and austenitic grain size (Poster)
D519 A shape memory Ni-55wt.%Ti alloy processed by rapid solidification (Oral)
D520 Structure and properties of a polycrystalline Cu-13.7%Al-4%Ni submitted to thermal cycling treatment (Poster)
D521 Preliminary characterization of Ni-Ti shape memory alloys for surface treatment by laser (Poster)
D522 Thermal-mechanical analyses of NiTi wires varying carbon and oxygen contents (Oral)
D523 Internal Friction in Shape Memory Ni-Ti alloys (Poster)
D524 Shape memory properties of polyurethanes with silver nanoparticles (Poster)
D525 Mechanical resistance of NiTi instruments for endodontic treatment (Poster)
D526 Structural and magnetic properties in stainless shape memory alloys (SMAs) (Poster)
D527 Surface Modification of Ni-Ti SMA by Nitrogen Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation Tribology Preliminary Results (Poster)
D528 High shape recovery NiTi SMA produced by EBM - Preliminary results (Poster)
D529 Fatigue of single and polycrystals pseudoelastic shape memory alloys (Poster)
D530 Shape-memory Heusler alloys of the series Ni50Mn37-xFexSn13: structural and magnetic analyses (Poster)
D531 Effects of thermo-mechanical treatment and ECAE processing on microstructure and properties of Fe-Mn-Si-Cr-Ni(-Co) SMA (Oral)
D532 The corrosion behavior of Fe-Mn-Si-Cr-Ni-(Co) shape memory stainless alloys in acid media (Poster)
D533 Characterization of ECAE processed Fe-Mn-Si-Cr-Ni(-Co) stainless SMA (Oral)
D534 A comparative study of effect of the thermal treatments in the mechanical behavior of the Ni-Ti wire with shape memory effect (Poster)
D535 β phase transformations in Cu-Al-Ag alloys (Poster)
D536 Nanoindentation tests in austenitic stainless steel alloys (Poster)
D537 Mechanical behavior of R-phase of TiNi shape memory alloy (Poster)
D538 Study of transition temperature of phase in NiTi-based shape memory alloys (Poster)
D539 Microstructure and microtexture of stainless SMA processed by wire drawing (Poster)
D540 Ni-free Ti-base Shape Memory Alloys (Invited Lecture)