IX Encontro da SBPMat

D - Shape Memory Alloys

Main Organizer

Jorge Otubo - ITA (jotubo@ita.br)


Margareth Spangler Andrade - CETEC (margareth.spangler@cetec.br)


The Symposium on Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) is included for the first time as part of the traditional SBPMat Conference. The number of researchers working with SMA in Brazil is not yet very large, but their scientific and technical contributions are increasing. This symposium is expected to bring together these researchers and to generate fruitful discussions and promote future cooperation initiatives.


The SMA symposium will focus on academic issues and applications of shape memory and related materials, covering a wide range of knowledge from fundamental aspects of martensitic and related phase transformations to current state-of-the-art in shape memory and superelastic technologies. Novel smart and structural materials (including improved shape memory alloys, ferrous shape memory alloys, biomedical shape memory alloys, sensors and actuators, mems, etc.) and applications in different fields such as aerospace and automotive industries, robotics, domestic appliances and medical devices are relevant topics for this symposium. Suggested topics are listed below.


Invited speakers

Shuichi Miyazaki – University of Tsukuba - Japan

Scientific committee

Vicente Tadeu Lopes Buono - UFMG
Margareth Spangler Andrade - CETEC
Carlos Jose de Araujo - UFCG
Rodinei Gomes – UFPB
Edson Paulo da Silva – UFOP
Andersan dos Santos Paula - UFF
Lioudmila Aleksandrovna Matlakhova - UENF
Fabiana Cristina Nascimento - UEPG
Paulo Roberto Mei - UNICAMP