IX Encontro da SBPMat

B - Estrutura-Propriedades de Materiais Metálicos Avançados

Relação de trabalhos aceitos para este simpósio

Código Título
B501 Creep degradation of 2.25Cr-1Mo pearlitic steels using transmission electron microscope (Poster)
B502 Nb Microalloyed Low Carbon Steel Microstructural Evolution on Hot Rolling in Pilot Scale (Oral)
B503 Characterization of some Al-based nanocomposites obtained by solid state processing (Oral)
B508 Instrumented indentation testing of unload curve data selection and a method of polycrystalline metal microstructure analysis (Oral)
B507 The use of the heat remaining from the forging process to perform normalizing on railroad axles (Poster)
B509 Outward solidification of an Al-1.5wt%Fe alloy around a chilled vertical cylinder (Poster)
B510 Synthesis and characterization of the Fe-Zn intermetallic phases using the Rietveld Method (Poster)
B511 X-ray diffraction technique applied to stress analysis of welding (Oral)
B512 The use of EBSD in materials characterization: examples in recrystallization (Oral)
B513 EBSD analysis of roll-bonded Cu-Nb composites (Poster)
B514 Softening behavior of a niobium stabilized ferritic stainless steel during hot deformation by torsion test (Poster)
B515 Fatigue behavior in Al alloys after specimens pre-soaked in NaCl solution (Oral)
B516 The effects of molybdenum and niobium addition on the wear mechanisms of wheel-rail tribosystem (Poster)
B517 Mechanism of fracture of austempered ductile iron from the critical zone (Oral)
B518 Carbonitrides precipitation on microalloyed railway wheels (Poster)
B519 Study of Copper Hardened Composites with Nanoparticles of Alumina (Poster)
B520 Discontinuous Precipitation Analysis in Nanostructured Produced Cu-Co Alloys (Poster)
B522 Comparison between industrial and laboratorial testing for Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) (Oral)
B523 High purity niobium ingots for superconductive cavities (Poster)
B524 Effect of temperature exposure on Ni aluminide coatings (Poster)
B525 Analysis of theoretical and experimental comparison of the process of ECAP performed with Al-1% Cu (Poster)
B526 Theoretical analysis of the experimental comparison of the extrusion process to warm and cold made with pure Al two-step continuous (Poster)
B527 Evalution of the effect of heat treatment of artificial aging and solubilization in microstructure of alloys of the Al-Cu (Poster)
B528 Effect of operating parameters of the process squeeze casting at macrostructural alloy AA3003 (Poster)
B529 Microstructural evaluation and effects of austenite resulting from tempering of 13Cr4Ni martensitic steel weld metals (Poster)
B530 Correlation between Microstructure, Texture and Roping Phenomena in 6016 Al Alloy (Oral)
B531 Study of the effect heat input in mechanical properties and microstructure of stainless steel duplex UNS S31803 (SAF 2205) in thick plates (thickness 16 mm) GMAW welds (Oral)
B532 Self-propulsion OF Leidenfrost SILICON ball lightning (Poster)
B533 Characterization of a brazed joint formation between a silicon plate and a Fe-Ni alloy (Poster)
B534 Fracture behavior of two API steels used in iron ore pipelines (Oral)
B535 Fatigue resistance of three dual-phase steels used in automotive industry (Oral)
B536 Hardening of niobium by incoherent scattering of particles by using cerium oxide (Poster)
B537 Characterization and Study of Operational Variables For Two Hot Rolled Dual Phase Steels (Oral)
B538 Characterization by Thermal and microstructural analysis of Al–Si hypoeutectic alloys solidified under Electromagnetic Stirring (Poster)
B539 Characterization of Hadfield steels modified with Vadditions and Mn's variations (Oral)
B540 Bainite Formation at Low Temperatures in a High C-Si Steel and its Mechanical Behavior (Oral)
B541 Wear investigation of DLC coatings with nanometer resolution in normal und lateral direction (Oral)
B542 Massic wear evaluation by ball wear test using 3D profilometry (Oral)
B543 Structural analysis of Cu-Ni-Cr and Cu-Ni-Ag alloys with high electrical conductivity (Poster)
B544 Boron Removal from Metallurgical Silicon by Gas Blowing (Poster)
B545 EC/MS and FTIR Studies of Ethanol Oxidation on Intermetallic Electrodes in Acid Medium (Poster)
B546 Investigation of Bauschinger effect influence on the mechanical properties of an AISI 1045 steel (Oral)
B547 Study of scale formation in the Hot Strip Mill (Poster)
B548 Study of Graphitization of Coated and Uncoated Diamond (Poster)
B549 Microstructure and adherence of metal matrix/diamond composites (Poster)
B550 Influence of a TiC coating on the wear resistance of Fe-diamonds composites (Poster)
B552 Hot corrosion and oxidation of a nickel base alloy by biomass fuel (Poster)
B553 Creep Behavior of the INCONEL 718 (Poster)
B554 Texture analyse in stainless steels AISI 430A (Oral)
B555 Influncia da Recristalizao Dinmica nas Propriedades Mecnicas de Barras Laminadas (Poster)
B556 Evaluation of J-R curves for pipeline API 5L X70 girth weld using SENT specimens (Oral)
B557 Microstructural characterization of UNS S32205 duplex stainless steel friction stir welds (Oral)
B558 Study of localized corrosion of stainless steels through microstructural analysis and electrochemical tests (Poster)
B559 Use of computacional intelligence in the development, adequacy and quality control of hot rolled steel at the USIMINAS Cubatao plant (Oral)
B560 Corrosion in an hydroelectric power station (Poster)
B561 Retained austenite measurements by X-ray diffraction method (Oral)
B562 Characterization of CdTe thin films obtained by electrochemical techniques (Poster)
B563 Aspects of residual stress determination by X-ray diffraction (Oral)
B564 Characterization of Nb thin film for aplication in MicroSQUID sensors (Poster)
B565 Influence of geometric concentrator of tension in the stress corrosion cracking of steel AISI 304 submitted to chloride environments (Oral)
B566 Microstructure and texture comparison between direct chill and continuous cast strips of the AA 4006 aluminum alloy (Oral)
B567 A photoemission spectroscopy study of the oxidation of epitaxial fcc and bcc Fe monolayers grown on Cu (100) (Poster)
B569 Fragility of the martensite without stress relief in railroad wheels (Poster)
B570 Análise de implantes metálicos para aplicação neurológica (Poster)
B571 Effect of the addition of CO2 in synthetic seawater, simulating deep waters, on the pitting corrosion behaviour of stainless steels (Poster)
B573 Effects of recrystallization temperature variations in the fraction of ferrite and mechanical properties of duplex stainless steel UNS S3 1803 (Oral)
B575 Tempering by electromagnetic induction of geologicadrill rods (Poster)
B576 Analysis of the Effect of Zr content on the gross structure of a merger of Al-Si alloy (Poster)
B577 The effect of passivation on the localized corrosion resistance of laser engraved stainless steel (Poster)
B578 Microwave properties of soft amorphous magneticribbons (Poster)
B579 Effect of aging on hydrogen diffusion and trapping in Cr-Mo steels (Oral)
B580 Influence of Silicon on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an Al-Zr alloy (Poster)
B581 Analysis of morphological and microstructural aspects of a hypoeutectic Al-Si alloy before and after deformation (Poster)
B582 Aging heat-treatment of MAR-M247 superalloy (Poster)
B583 Correlation of the Copper Effect in an Al-1350 Alloy Modified with Different Iron Contents (Poster)
B584 Influence of variation the temperature in the characterization of one aspect of the fractures of aluminum alloy for application in electric wires and cables (Poster)
B585 Optical properties of hydrogen exposed thin films (Poster)
B586 A proposal of Pin-in-Paste process using SAC lead-free alloy on Printed Circuit Boards soldering (Poster)
B587 Investigation of fundamental mechanism of ductility-dip cracking in as-welded microstructure of Ni-Cr-Fe solid solution strengthened alloys (Oral)
B588 Influence of dendritic spacing on microhardness of directionally solidified Al-Ni hypoeutectic alloys (Poster)
B589 If steel sample preparation for textural analysis via EBSD technique (Poster)
B590 Estimating the Degree of Stainless Steel Sensitization in Microstructures Using Image Processing (Oral)
B591 Study the influence of process variables in the pickling of steel grade 2710 (Poster)
B592 Corrosion resistance of as-cast Ni-Cr-Mo superalloy in acid media (Poster)
B593 Characterization of the copper surface exposed to HNO3 solution in the presence of plants extracts (Poster)
B594 Influence of electrochemical polishing on the surface nanohardness of AISI 304 stainless steel (Poster)
B595 Local potential measurements with SKPMF to investigate corrosion on stainless steel (Poster)
B596 Microstructural analisis of magnesium diboride (MgB2) doped with ZrB2 and TaB2 through high energy ball milling (Poster)
B597 Investigation on the carbon steel corrosion in acid mediain the presence of the extract of the plant Pectisoligochefala by surface characterization techniques (Poster)
B598 Monitoring the Process of Fracture by Impact from Instrumented Specimens with Strain Gages (Poster)
B599 Influence of stiffnes in response to the impact of prismatic bars instrumented with strain gages (Poster)
B600 Morphology characterization of tin surface in the presence of microorganism by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and others techniques (Poster)
B601 Monte Carlo method applied to the process of continuous casting (Poster)
B602 Analysis of the influence of different content of Zr about mechanical and electrical properties of aluminium alloys (Poster)
B603 Al2024-CNTs composites produced by milling process (Oral)
B604 Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles like rods and spheres and surface modification for nanoparticle interactions (Poster)
B605 Effect of the use of an ultrasonic field combined with modification processes on the microstructure of solidification of alloys Al-Si (Poster)
B606 The Effect of Quasicrystal Incorporation on the Geopolymer Bond Strength (Poster)
B607 Dilatometric evaluation of strain induced martensitic transformations on AISI 304 stainless steels (Poster)
B608 Development and characterization of diamond like carbon with nanocrystalline diamond particles incorporated (Poster)
B609 Influence of copper on the phase transformation OF Zn-22 wt%Al, during homogenization (Poster)
B610 Effect of the ACRT on the solidification microstructure of Al-7wt%Si solidified directionally under Bridgman Furnace (Oral)
B611 EBSD characterization of the local deformation evolution around TiN particles in IF steels (Oral)
B612 Effect of overloads on fatigue crack propagation incircumferential welded joint of API 5L-X70 steel foroffshore catenary risers (Oral)