IX Encontro da SBPMat

A - Aspectos Teóricos e Experimentais no desenvolvimento de novos materiais

Relação de trabalhos aceitos para este simpósio

Código Título
A501 Quartz/epoxy-amine composite for orthodontic applications (Poster)
A502 Alumine/epoxy-amine composite for dental restorations (Poster)
A860 Mixed films of uricase and catalase with phospholipids for biosensing (Poster)
A503 The Temperature Effect, Electrical and Structural Study of the Ceramic Matrix System (SiO2-Fe2O3-MoO3):Ta2O5 (Poster)
A504 Comparison between organoclay produced in the laboratory and industrial (Poster)
A505 Pitting Corrosion in Solution the Enzyme Detergent under Supermartensitic and Martensitic Stainless Steels in the Manufacture of Surgical Implements (Poster)
A506 Theorectical Study of P4O6 using CR-CCL/ECP+ACC5Zm method (Poster)
A507 Structural, Thermal, Photophysical and Quantitative Characterization of Poly(9,9'-dihexylfluorene-diyl-alt-3,5-bipyridinevinlene) (LAPPS34) and its Complexes with Europium Ions (LAPPS34C) (Poster)
A508 Electronic properties of gallium nitride nanoclusters (Poster)
A509 A theorectical approach of dssociation process using the CR-CCL/ECP+ACC5Zm method (Poster)
A510 Theoretical investigation of precursors of high-Tc ceramic superconductors: complexes of citric acid with lithium and barium (Poster)
A511 Hydroxyapatite/epoxy polymer composite for arthoplasty (Poster)
A512 Limestone residue as aggregate filler for alphalt concretes (Poster)
A513 Change the support and change the chemistry: catalytic properties of Au/TiC (Poster)
A514 Crystallographic analyses in Fe-Ni alloy by EBSD (Poster)
A515 Analysis of the behavior of a material composite in cold systems (Poster)
A516 Analysis of the deformation of a composite material of scrapes of tire and latex with temperature variation (Poster)
A517 Novel methods for improving the regioregularity of poly 3-octylthiophenes via oxidative polymerization (Poster)
A518 Adsorption process in layer-by-layer films of Erythrosine and BSA (Poster)
A519 Evaluated Peptide Nanotubes containing an Iron(II)diethiyldithiocarbamate complex as Nitric Oxide Drug Delivery System (Oral)
A557 Characteristics of the surface grinding of plastic composites reinforced with carbon fiber using MQL with system of cooling (Poster)
A520 Effect of the sintering process and the europium doping on the electrical properties of SrTiO3 ceramics prepared by Pechini method (Poster)
A521 Electrical conduction in nanostructured films from nickel tetrasulfonated phthalocyanine: effect of the temperature (Poster)
A522 Layer-by-layer films from tartrazine dye with bovine serum albumin: the influence of the concentration and pH (Poster)
A523 Investigation of a photoactive yellow protein derivate by using semiempiral calculations (Poster)
A524 Charge-Transfer Redox Polyacetylene Excitons (Poster)
A525 Luminescence in Organic Semiconductors (Poster)
A526 Structural characterization of the bismuth rare earth tungstate obtained by microwave assisted fast solid state synthesis (Poster)
A527 Wetting contact angle analyzer for characterization of super-hydrophobic thin films (Poster)
A1078 Magnetite nanoparticles stabilized with triblock copolymer E65S19E65: Potencial for drug delivery (Poster)
A530 Surface Nanotechnology. Experiments and Theory in Harmony: SnO2: A Landscape to be explored (Invited Lecture)
A531 Charge Distribution in Conductors and Dielectrics under Electric Fields (Poster)
A532 EPR simulation of the Ir65-TCNB system with spin-hamiltonian parameters obtained from electronic structure calculations (Poster)
A1066 Electrical response in Pb(Fe2/3W1/3)O3 and Pb(Fe2/3W1/3)O3-xMnO2 multiferroic relaxor (Poster)
A533 Highly luminescent bacterial cellulose membranes (Poster)
A534 Calculating energy through final distances - Knots edges (Poster)
A535 Phase-field Modeling and Instability of Microscopic Solid Morphology during solidification (Poster)
A536 Experimental evaluation of the influence of steel fibers on the behavior of composite materials of cementitious matrix (Poster)
A537 Theorectical Study of The Electric Hyperfine Interactions in Biological Systems: Cd in DNA Bases (Poster)
A538 Structural analysis of titanium dioxide nanotubes (Poster)
A539 Dynamical analysis of H2O behavior over the Fe(100) surface (Poster)
A540 Theoretical study of metal-DNA structure (Oral)
A541 MD approach applied in the study of C70 motion into H2O solution (Poster)
A542 A New and Non-Conventional Route to Synthesize Polyaniline (Poster)
A543 Terpolymers Containing Fluorene, Phenylene and Thiophene Units: Quantitative NMR and Photophysical Properties (Poster)
A544 Developing a new family of conjugated oligomers and polymers (Poster)
A545 Synthesis and characterization of hydrotalcite like compounds Mg/Al,Ce-CO3 containing cerium in the interlayer space (Poster)
A546 Use of the New SiO2/SnO2/Sb2O5 Microporous Ceramic Material Substrate for Immobilization of Meldola Blue. Application as an Electrochemical Sensor for NADH (Poster)
A547 Sensitivity Study and Characterization of Vanadium/Tungsten Mixed Oxide to the pH-EGFET Sensor Development (Poster)
A548 Electrocatalytic oxidation of the organic substrates using a polyphenol modified electrode containing an anchored ruthenium complex (Poster)
A549 Preparation and characterization of the mixed modified electrode Cu/Pd (Poster)
A550 Molecular dynamics simulation in perovskites CaTiO3 and SrTiO3 (Poster)
A551 Characterization of chitosan from shrimp and crab chitin (Poster)
A552 Development of a Biocomposite with soy oil resin as matrix reinforced with chicken feathers (keratin fibres)(KF) (Poster)
A553 Unsynchronized resonating valence bond theory for superconductors (Poster)
A554 Ordered mesoporous silica SBA-15 functionalized with 1,4-bis(3-aminopropil)piperazine (Poster)
A556 Calcined brazilian clay: Characterization and removal of zinc metal ion (Zn2+) (Poster)
A558 Anodic and cathodic pre-treatment enhancement in the copper electrodeposition and consolidation processes on BDD electrode applied to nitrate reduction (Poster)
A560 Shoes impregnated with silver nanoparticles: an alternative for the inhibition of pathogenic micro organisms in the feet (Poster)
A561 Preparation and characterization of Co3O4 Nanoparticles Supported on MCM-41 (Poster)
A562 Impregnation of magnesium and lanthanum oxides on layered sodium titanate (Poster)
A563 Microstructural Analysis of WC-10%Co with grain growth inhibitors (Poster)
A564 Preparation and Characterization of Epoxy-Silver Composite by use in Impress Circuit (Poster)
A565 Ordered Mesoporous Zirconia (Poster)
A566 Gamma radiation dosimeter of low doses using MEH-PPV in solution (Poster)
A567 Interfacial Reaction in SiC/Ti composite (Poster)
A568 Influence of the configuration of the screw in surface finish, mechanical properties and melt flow index of the composites PP with wood flour (wood polymer composites-wpc's) (Poster)
A569 B/C ratio effect on the performance of BDD/Ti electrodes for reactive orange 16 dye degradation (Poster)
A570 Evaluation of films prepared by dip-coating of TiO2 from combustion reaction (Poster)
A571 Optimized piezoelectric composite of PZT particles for structure evaluation in a non-destructive manner (Poster)
A572 Energy Storage Using Castor Oil-Based Polymer Matrix Composite (Poster)
A573 Ab initio study of stacking interactions on the intercalation into Cryptolepine and DNA base pairs: A comparision between the methods DFT/DCACP and MP2 (Poster)
A575 Impurities characterization in Brazilian Natural Emerald (Poster)
A576 Cobalt (III) Complex Immobilized on the Silica Gel Surface as a New Anionic Exchanger (Poster)
A577 Bioactive behavior Glasses Constituted of Na2O-CaO-P2O5-SiO2-ZrO2 (Poster)
A578 Electrochemical Migration on Lead-Free Soldering (Poster)
A579 Photoluminescence property of Ca0.98Sr0.01Eu0.01TiO3 (Poster)
A581 Bone defect model experimentally induced in rats, to review the process by use of repair grafts and implants (Poster)
A582 Morphological characterization of banana fibers and its influence on the mechanical behavior (Poster)
A583 Electromechanical properties of PZT-PAni/PVDF composite films with PZT coated grains (Poster)
A584 Synthesis of Cu, Zn, Al - CO3 LDH: Morfological and Structural Properties and Thermal Behavior (Poster)
A585 Structural Analisis of the Perovskite Series Ca(Nb1/2Fe1/2)xTi1-xO3 (Poster)
A586 Structural study of nanofluid ferromagnetic graphite by Raman spectroscopy (Poster)
A587 Silver Nanoparticle-Carbon Nanotube Composites: Synthesis and SERS Properties (Oral)
A588 Purification of calcium carbonate using hidroxylapatite (Poster)
A590 Micromechanical analysis of polymeric composites reinforced by sisal fibers (Poster)
A591 Thermal And Mechanical Characterization of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Laponite Nanocomposites (Poster)
A592 Synthesis and Characterization of Melanin in DMSO (Poster)
A593 Copolymerization of butadiene-1,3 with octene-1 or dodecene-1 by a catalyst based on neodymium (Poster)
A594 Hydrothermal growth and characterization of blue quartz (Poster)
A595 Carbon fibre (obtained from chicken feathers) reinforced bio-composites with soy resin (Poster)
A596 Determination of phase diagram data of superalloy Inconel 713LC and comparision with computational thermodynamic data (Poster)
A597 Electrical and Morphological Investigation of ITO/PANI Nanocomposite (Poster)
A598 Electrochemical characterization of P3HT/MWCNT nanocomposites prepared "in situ" (Poster)
A599 Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Organic Molecular Interactions with Hydroxyapatite Surfaces (Poster)
A600 Surface effects in Cobalt doped ZnO nanostructures (Poster)
A601 Study of the Thermalization in the process of Sputtering of GaN (Poster)
A602 influence of phase and morphology of TiO2 on the rhodamine B photodegradation (Poster)
A603 Preparation of reinforced crosslinked polyethylene with curaua fiber (Poster)
A604 Study of structural classifications of knots in proteins (Poster)
A605 Study of the tensions in the interface of composite epoxy resin reinforced with synthetic fibers (Poster)
A606 Preparation and characterization of polyaniline/SBA-15 nanocomposites (Poster)
A607 Hydrothermal-microwave synthesis as catalyst of Eu3+ doped crystalline CaTiO3 powders (Poster)
A608 Mixtures of an azopolymer and poly(hexylmethacrylate) in Langmuir, spin coated and Langmuir-Blodgett films (Poster)
A609 Synthesis and Characterization of a Conjugated Pyrene -Fluorene Derivative for Optical Applications (Poster)
A610 Synthesis of Silica/Polymer Core/Shell Nanoparticles with Gold Nanoparticles or Nanorods (Poster)
A611 Development and characterization of biocomposite with polymer matrix derived from sugar cane reinforced with hydroxyapatite (Poster)
A612 Evaluation of the surface tension of Polyamide-6 using the pendant drop method (Poster)
A613 Characterization of Luminescent Liquid Crystals (Poster)
A614 solar cells manufacture using silicon by metalLurgical route (Poster)
A615 Study of residue of the bauxite in materials agglomerates production with cement (Poster)
A617 Gel content and mechanical properties of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) synthesized via silane (Poster)
A618 Effect of the Some Transition Metal Oxide on the Properties of the Li2O-BaO-SiO2 Glass System (Poster)
A619 Use of polymeric admixture obtained by the recycling of polystyrene cups in cement mortar (Poster)
A620 Incorporation of ITO nanowires in polymer-based composites (Poster)
A621 Relationship between raw materials, manufacturing processes and the properties of cotton textiles for apparel use (Poster)
A622 Methods to quantify the rate of carbon uptake by bamboo (Poster)
A623 Computational Study of macrocyclic crown thio ethers (Poster)
A624 Molecular dynamic study of GaP: Phase transition, elastic and vibrational properties. (Poster)
A625 Influence Of Cross Section Heterogeneous Morphology On The Tensile Properties Of Natural Fibers (Poster)
A626 Production and characterization of thin films of ZnO (Poster)
A627 Modelling the Electroluminescence of Red Dopant Materials with the use of Support-Vector Machines (SVM) (Poster)
A628 Multiwall nanotubes of SiC, CC, and BN (Poster)
A631 Chirality of the [(XY)n]m nanotubes (Poster)
A632 Study of carbon fibers surface modification by atmospheric plasma treatment (Poster)
A633 Degradation studies in phosphate buffer of nano-composites based on poly(D,L‑lactide) and cellulose nanowhiskers (Poster)
A634 Structure and Superconductivity Studies on La1-xScxBa2Cu3O7-d (Poster)
A635 Intense White Photoluminescence from Zirconia nanoparticles obtained by sol-gel method (Poster)
A636 Smart organic device for neonatal phototherapy (Poster)
A637 Photoluminescence properties of MgTiO3 thin films prepared by the polymeric precursor method (Poster)
A638 New studies on radical polymerization of N‑vinylpyrrolidone initiated by benzoyl peroxide (Poster)
A639 Effect of microwave-hydrothermal treatment in the synthesis and photoluminescent proprieties of BT:Eu3+ (Poster)
A640 Microwave-hydrothermal effect in the rapid treatment of BT powders (Poster)
A641 Characterization of optical and electrical sensitized solar cells to dye semiconductor nanocrystalline (Poster)
A642 Eggplant extract as natural sensitizer solar cells (Poster)
A643 Evaluation of the inhibition capacity of chemical additives to be used in drilling fluids environmentally correct (Poster)
A644 Use of cellulose nanowhiskers as nucleating agent in obtaining acrylic beads by suspension copolymerization (Poster)
A645 Binary ceramic powders nanostructured of Ce-Nd-O: Synthesis and characterization (Poster)
A646 Theoretical study of the ordered and disorder of lead mobybdate (Poster)
A647 The Mobility in Disordered Organic Systems with Energies Given by a Charge-Induced Dipoles Interaction (Poster)
A648 Dielectric properties and microstructure of CaTiO3/SrTiO3multilayer thin films prepared by a chemical route (Poster)
A659 Ca0.98Sr0.01Pr0.01TiO3: a high luminescence emission (Poster)
A649 Theoretical Study about the effect of Mn concentration on the electronic structure of Ga(1-x)Mn(x)N diluted magnetic semiconductor (Oral)
A650 Influence of the treatment of TCOs by UV-Ozone and Oxygen Plasma on the performance of electrophosphorescent devices (Poster)
A651 Morphological heterogeneity and its influence on the mechanical behavior of the bamboo, buriti and coir fibers (Poster)
A652 Natural Fiber Composite: An Thermal Analysis (Poster)
A653 Understanding the diamond grow on the carbon fiber treated at different temperatures (Poster)
A654 Bias Effect on the Nitrogen Doped Nanocrystalline Diamond (NCD) Growth by HFCVD Technique (Poster)
A655 An Electronic Nose Based on Conducting Polymers for Discrimination of Adulterated Cachaças (Poster)
A656 Study of the crosslinking reaction of PVA through the technique of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Poster)
A657 Development of a diamond impregnated tool produced by powder metallurgy using cold pressing technique (Poster)
A658 Polymerization of 3-aminophenol in FTO: a new chemically modified electrode (Poster)
A660 Host-guest interaction of FeDETC and Cucurbit[6]uril molecules (Poster)
A661 Synthesis of hydroxyapatite biomaterials from gypsum hemihydrate (Poster)
A662 Preparation and Characterization of Blend as adsorbent of H2S from Natural gas (Poster)
A663 The influence of temperature on the crystallization process and structure of synthetic diamonds obtained at high pressures and high temperatures (Poster)
A665 The influence of compressible material of the medium on the characteristics of synthetic diamonds (Poster)
A666 Temperature effect on structure of the luminescent Gd-Al oxide (Poster)
A667 MCHF methodology applied to Material Science (Poster)
A668 Hybrid composite from talc, wood fiber and Polypropylene: Fabrication and mechanical properties (Poster)
A669 Coupled Cluster calculations on radical cations He(x)H(y)+ (Poster)
A670 The photovoltaic properties of a new polythiophene derivative (Poster)
A671 Synthesis of nano-sized mesoporous silicas with Ce incorporation (Poster)
A672 Mesoporous materials AlMCM-41 with ordered hexagonal structure (Poster)
A673 Study of surface and morphology of calcium aluminosilicates (Poster)
A674 New catalysts based on iron oxide doped with Niobium (Poster)
A675 Fe-PDC as catalyst for the oxidation of organic contaminants: theoretical and experimental studies (Oral)
A676 Degradation kinetics and effects in luminescent polymers (Poster)
A677 QSAR studies for cannabinoids metabolites using DFT, chemometrics and artificial intelligence neural networks (Poster)
A678 Composites of kaolinite with the biomolecules glucuronicand alginic acids (Poster)
A679 Effect of Mg ions over the Crystal Morphology of CaTiO3 Nanoparticles (Poster)
A680 Electrochemical recovery of cadmium from spent Ni-Cd batteries (Poster)
A681 Self-assembly of BaZrO3 Nanocrystal Obtained by Microwave-assisted Hydrothermal A structural, optical and theoretical insight (Poster)
A682 Thermal and Non-thermal Effects in Microwave-assisted Hydrothermal: SrTiO3 the case of study (Oral)
A683 Adsorption of amino acids on passivated aluminium alloy surfaces: a DFT study (Oral)
A684 Photoluminescence properties of CaTiO3 powders prepared by the polymeric precursor method (Poster)
A685 Thermal performance of lightweight concrete for different densities and widths compared the traditional mansory (Poster)
A686 A DFT study of monoclinic CuO: hybrid and LDA+U functional calculations (Poster)
A688 Influence of the structural order on the luminescent emission of Ca0.98Ba0.01Sm0.01TiO3 (Poster)
A689 Morphological and optical properties of BaWO4 powders processed in microwave-hydrothermal system (Poster)
A690 Influence of ethylene glycol on the morphology and photoluminescence of BaWO4 powders processed in microwave-hydrothermal (Poster)
A691 Mechanism of the phase formation in 65PMN-35PT synthesized by a chemical method (Poster)
A692 Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticulated SrMoO4 via EDTA-citrate (Poster)
A693 Study to reuse industrial solid wastes, generated by foundry sands and by high-furnace slag, in concrete compositions (Poster)
A694 Modified poly(vinyl butyral) like dispersant admixture to cementitious systems (Poster)
A695 Effects of substrate and deposition temperature on epitaxial growth of TiO2 thin films (Oral)
A696 CdS mesocrystals synthesized by microwave-assisted solvothermal method (Poster)
A697 Effect of confinement of water in channels fabricated on vertically-aligned carbon nanotube surface (Poster)
A698 Photoluminescence properties of CaTiO3 thin films prepared by the polymeric precursor method (Poster)
A700 Niobium Oxide catalyst: Hydrolysis and Esterification (Poster)
A701 Vulcanization Behavior of NBR with Organically Modified Clay (Poster)
A702 Preparation and luminescence properties of silica material containing Eu(TTA)3(H2O)2 (Poster)
A703 Spectroscopic effects of stereo configurations of oligofluorenes (Poster)
A704 Study of the compositions of organophilic clays for drilling fluids of oil wells in ultra-deep water (Poster)
A705 In situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles in polyurethane (Poster)
A707 Synthesis of ZnS nanoparticles by a microwave-assisted solvothermal process (Poster)
A708 Numerical simulation of a ceramic body in a fast firing process (Poster)
A709 New approach to prepare poly(ɛ-caprolactone)-b-poly(ethyleneglycol) based polyurethane (Poster)
A710 Magnetic nanocomposites based on alkyd resins useful in oil spill cleanup processes (Poster)
A711 Analysis microstructure of laser surface remelting of Al-1.5wt%Fe alloy samples (Poster)
A712 Immobilization of lipase from Aspergillus niger on hybrids organic-inorganic materials (Poster)
A713 SCC-DFTB Study of Chrysotile Nanotube (Oral)
A714 Influence of Charge Compensation in the luminescent property of samarium doped Ca0.98 Ba0.01TiO3 (Poster)
A715 Stability of MEH-PPV solutions as a gamma radiation dosimeter (Poster)
A1067 Annealing Efects on structural and optical properties of TiO2 Films Grown by Sputtering (Poster)
A716 Effect of Zr ions in photoluminescence properties of CCTO obtained by the soft chemical method (Oral)
A717 Optical properties of the Mn3+ doping α-Al2O3 material (Poster)
A718 Optical properties of the Co3+ doping α-Al2O3 material (Poster)
A719 Photoluminescence on zirconia/alumina nanocomposites (Poster)
A720 Covalent immobilization of lipase from Burkholderia Cepacia on silica gel activated with cyanuric chloride (Poster)
A721 In situ study of nucleation and growth of tin oxide by UV-Vis spectroscopy (Poster)
A722 Immobilization and detection of hepatitis B DNA on poly(4-aminophenol) (Poster)
A723 Synthesis and Structural and Morphological Characterization of Mg (Al, La) - CO3 Synthetic Series (Poster)
A724 Production of macroporous β-TCP scaffolds via slurry infiltration of cellulosic knits (Poster)
A1059 Synthesis and characterization of the MnWO4by process hydrothermal-microwave (Poster)
A725 Preparao e caracterizao de catalizadores e fibras cermicas a base de xido de Alumnio por precursores polimricos (Poster)
A1068 Electrical properties of a hybrid material for microswitching applications (Poster)
A726 Modelling persistent luminescence: theory vs. experiment (Invited Lecture)
A727 Electron hopping between di- and tri-valent metal cations in Co and Fe oxy-borates (Poster)
A728 Nanostructured bioactive glass doped with gallium (Poster)
A729 The island of stability and new chemical elements: ab initio all electron Dirac-Fock calculations (Poster)
A731 Spectroscopic studies of CdSiO3:R3+ persistent luminescence phosphors (Poster)
A732 Synthesis and characterization of a silsesquioxane modified with APTT (Poster)
A733 Organophilization process of Paraba vermiculite with Diestearil Chloride Dimethyl Ammonium (Poster)
A734 Urea influence on the synthesis of hydroxyapatite processed by hydrothermal-microwave method (Poster)
A735 Synthesis and characterization of nitrogen-doped TiO2 (Poster)
A736 Sealing of microchannels onto interdigitated electrodes covered with nanostructured films (Poster)
A737 Study of the kinetic growth of Chitosan LbL films throughout electrical measurements (Poster)
A738 Fluorescence determined chain motion characteristics and radiative energy transfer in a silicone bi-layered hybrid system (Poster)
A739 Theoretical and experimental investigations of polymer photodegradation process to the viability analysis of radiation sensor for neonatal phototherapy (Oral)
A740 Nanostructured ZnO:TiO2 particles obtained by hydrothermal-microwave method (Poster)
A741 The Effect of Temperature Treatment in The Structural and Morphological changes in the Carbon Fibers (Poster)
A743 DFT Study of C and H NMR Data of the Dihydrochalcone Biotransformed for Aspergillus sp (Poster)
A744 Optical characterization of ultrathin films containing polyaniline and metallic phthalocyanines (Poster)
A745 Investigation on the structural properties in strontium-doped PbTiO3 ceramics: a correlation between experimental and theoretical results (Poster)
A746 Synthesis of ZrO2 nanocrystalline: Influence of precursor compounds (Poster)
A747 The influence of conformational and chemical defects on the quantum transport in semiconductor polymers (Poster)
A748 Epoxidation of unsaturated esters of vegetable oils followed by fixation of CO2 for preparing cyclic and polymeric carbonates (Poster)
A749 Study of colloidal dispersion in ceria compounds (Poster)
A750 Efficient UV-absorbing transparent inorganic thin films coated on glass substrates for solar protection using the Sol-Gel method (Poster)
A751 Flexible organic TFT with high-k TiOxNy dielectric (Poster)
A1084 Study of Cement Slurries for HPHT Oilwells (Poster)
A752 Mechanical behavior of oilwell cementing composites (Poster)
A753 Determination of the porosity and pore connectivity of lightweight and normal-weight concretes from nitrogen sorption and mercury intrusion porosimetry tests (Poster)
A754 Preparation and characterization of silica nanoparticles via the sol-gel method (Poster)
A755 Dissociation on numerous sites of MgO nano-structured surfaces in the presence of defects, dopants and vacancies (Poster)
A756 Water coverage on MgO nano-structured surfaces in the presence of defects, dopants and vacancies (Poster)
A757 Electrocatalytic performing of a nanostructured bifunctional surfaces for using as transducer for biosensors (Poster)
A758 Degradation of PVA/Bioactive glass hybrids immersed in aqueous media (Poster)
A759 Cathode Ray Tube characterization (Poster)
A760 Characterization of electrical contacts of Al, Sn and In to SnO2 thin films doped with rare-earth ions (Poster)
A761 Structural, electronic and vibrational properties of the calcite phase of CaCO3: An experimental and theoretical study (Oral)
A763 Effect of variables in the injection process on the thermal properties of polypropylene and Rice Husk Ash (PP / RHA) composites (Poster)
A764 EVA/TiO2 nanocomposite: Effect of the properties thermal and crystallinity of the EVA (Poster)
A765 Disorder-dependent photoluminescence in Ba0.8Ca0.2TiO3 at room temperature (Poster)
A766 Effects of the terrace and grain faces on the surface roughness scaling of gold polycrystalline thin films (Oral)
A767 Atomic Force Microscopy Simulation for the Design of Enzyme-based Nanobiosensors (Poster)
A768 Optic and structural properties of LiPO3-WO3-Na2WO4 glasses (Poster)
A769 Preparation, modification and characterization of alginate hydrogel with nano/micro- fibers for tissue engineering (Oral)
A770 Study of the use of the residue of polishing of the porcelain in the Portland cement paste (Poster)
A771 Characterization of organic residues in prehistoric potteries - The contributions of the Materials Science for Archaeology (Poster)
A772 Investigation of the photocatalytic activity of the ZnO obtained by combustion method (Poster)
A773 Analysis of the ternary system Pb0.30Ca0.10Sr0.60TiO3 and Pb0.30Ca0.60Sr0.10TiO3: Joint experimental and theoretical study (Poster)
A774 Thermodynamics and critical behavior of spin-lattice coupled phase transitions (Poster)
A775 Growth of thin films: how to control structure and microstructure? (Invited Lecture)
A777 Rapid synthesis of nickel hydroxide nanoplates (Poster)
A778 Melanin synthesis for the production of organic electronic devices (Poster)
A780 Preparation and thermal characterization of thermoplastic starch and clay nanocomposites (Poster)
A781 Electromagnetic Analysis of the Microstrip Sample Holder (Poster)
A782 Physical Chemistry Characterization of Poly(ε-caprolactone) synthesized by change transfer complex method (Poster)
A784 Single-crystal structure of zinc oxide (Poster)
A785 Modified montmorilonite with sulfide for prebiotic chemistry estudies (Poster)
A786 Preparation and characterization of Bi2O2CO3 by microwave-hydrothermal method (Poster)
A787 Imogolite based materials: Aluminophosphate nanotubes (Poster)
A788 Quantum confinement in hierarchical self-assembled CaMoO4 nano-octahedron and its photoluminescence property (Oral)
A789 Optical properties of the MEH-PPV and ALQ3 Films Exposed to Non-IONIZINGRADIATION (Poster)
A1082 hybrid hydrothermal method synthesis of nanoparticles CaFe12O19 (Poster)
A790 Study of the effect of adding latex from plants of theBrazilian Cerrado in the properties of pectin films (Poster)
A791 Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Zn7Sb2O12 Semiconductor doped with Cr(III) (Poster)
A792 Analysis of the niobium off-center phenomenon in the KSr2Nb5O15 nanostructured powder (Poster)
A793 Optimization of ball milling parameters for processing Fe-Si: A Factorial Experiment Design (Poster)
A838 Functionalized SBA-16 with different organosilane for adsorption and release drug (Poster)
A795 New copolymer for polymeric light emitting diodes with low threshold voltage (Poster)
A796 Using Self-Organized Maps to Classify Materials: Application to Amino Acids (Poster)
A797 Microwave hydrothermal synthesis of lead molybdate (Poster)
A798 A new simple hydrothermal preparation of nanocrystalline hematite Fe2O3 e moisture of hematite/magnetite Fe3O4 (Poster)
A799 Modelling and simulation of the PLA synthesis from renewable feedstocks for use in biomedical field (Poster)
A800 Luminescent complex incorporated into layered double hydroxides: Synthesis and Characterization (Poster)
A801 First-principles study of ionic oxygen mobility of Mg-containing LaAlO3 perovskite (Poster)
A802 Electrical characterization of ultrathin PANI/PVS films and their application to ammonia gas sensor (Poster)
A803 Synthesis and thermodynamic study of Antimony(III) trichloride adducts with 2,2'-Bipiridna and 1,10-Phenanthroline (Poster)
A804 Structural study and crystallinity of nano HAP carbonated (Poster)
A805 Optical Characterization of New Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal (Poster)
A806 Organofunctionation of KSF- montmorilonite with 1- dodecylamine (Poster)
A808 New synthesis route for producing of boron nitride nanotubes (Poster)
A809 Polarized light emission and phase transition for 2,1,3‑benzothiadiazole guested in liquidcrystalline compounds (Poster)
A810 Gamma radiation effects on optical and electrical properties of semiconductor electrodes: FTO and ITO (Poster)
A811 The effect of functionalization of mesoporous silica channels on the luminescent properties of Tb (acac)x(tta)y complex (Poster)
A812 Controlable-induced defects in poly(2,5-dialkoxy-p-phenylene thienylene) by gamma photons (Poster)
A813 Kinetics of decomposition of ctmabr surfactant molecular sieve MCM-41 type synthesized with alternative source of silica (Poster)
A814 Recycling of the reduction sludge of manganese in the production of ceramics (Poster)
A815 Kinectic Study of Decomposition of Biomass from the Results of Thermoconversion (Poster)
A816 Study of Polymer Electrolytes (Poster)
A817 Silver nanoparticles/conjugated polymer nanocomposites (Oral)
A864 Ultrathin mixed DMPA- poly(p-phenylene vinylene) film produced by Langmuir-Blodgett technique (Poster)
A818 Removal of metals from produced water by the use of residual biomass (Poster)
A819 Electrical Properties of Non-ionizing Radiation Sensors Based on Semiconducting Polymer (Poster)
A820 Theoretical Investigation on 13C and 1H NMR Chemical Shifts and Molecular Structure of an Limonoid from Swietenia macropylla (Oral)
A821 Study and Production of Blends of Thermoplastic Corn Starch with the Homologous Series of Plasticizers of Ethylene Glycol (Poster)
A822 Study of optical and electrical properties of new copolymers based on fluorene, thiophene and phenylene units for photovoltaic applications (Poster)
A823 Relationships between Nanostructure and Properties of Silica-Epoxy Nanocomposites (Poster)
A824 Preparation and characterization of porous magnesium oxides using chitosan as precursor (Poster)
A825 Synthesis of colloidal ZrO2 nanocrystals using a high molecular weight solvent (Poster)
A826 Evaluation of the addition of steel mill scale on the kinetics of hydration of cement Portland mortar (Poster)
A829 Effects of synthesis conditions on the structural and spectroscopic properties of coordination polymers Dy(DPA)(HDPA) (Poster)
A830 Characterization of impregnated wood with chromated copper arsenate certification seeking of a reference standard of treated wood (Poster)
A831 The Theory of Phase Separation Applied to the Charge Disorder in Superconducting Cuprates (Poster)
A832 Network modelling of eletronic phase separation in high Tc cuprate superconductors (Poster)
A881 Influence of irradiation on the eletronic structure of metal complexe tris(8-hydroxyquinoline)aluminium(III) Alq3 (Poster)
A833 Effect of thermal aging on the mechanical, electrical and microstructure properties of polycarbonate (Poster)
A834 Ethylene glycol influence in sol-gel polymerization (Poster)
A835 Electrical charactherization of LBL films using mettalic phtalocyanine and poly(o-methoxyaniline) (Poster)
A836 Thin Films of a-Si:H by magnetron sputtering (Poster)
A837 Preparation and characterization of (Pb,Ca)TiO3 thin films substituted by multi-elements: Effect of Rare earth elements (Poster)
A839 New rare earth compounds with diketonates acting as efficient luminescence sensitizers (Poster)
A840 Micropyramidal Hillocks on KOH etched <100> silicon for CVD diamond growth (Poster)
A841 Theoretical investigation of chalcopyrite surfaces (Oral)
A842 Morfology and Optical Property of CaZn2(OH)6.2H2O Microcrystals (Poster)
A843 Simulation of CVD Diamond growth in Hot Filament Reactor by Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (Poster)
A844 Effect of coupling agent in the cellulose fibers from sugarcane bagasse/HDPE composites (Poster)
A845 Photochromic effect in films doped with Molybdenum prepared by sol-gel synthesis (Poster)
A846 Thermal expansion and structural stability of In2Mo3O12 studied by high-resolution X-ray powder diffraction (Oral)
A847 Hydrogen and water dissociation on ZnO surface: CCSD (Poster)
A848 Sol-gel method and high-pressure technique combined together to obtain carbon nanotubes/silica nanocomposites (Oral)
A849 Three-point flexural strength tests of synthetic soapstone (Poster)
A850 Development of hybrid multifunctional based on silica-P(N-iPAAm)-magnetic nanoparticles for use in drug delivery and hyperthermia studies (Poster)
A851 In the course of a microfluidic e-tongue (Poster)
A852 Cellulose Fibers as Substrate for Organics Light Emitting Devices (Poster)
A853 Growth mechanism of BaMoO4 microcrystals processed in microwave-hydrothermal: Experimental observations and computational modeling (Poster)
A854 Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 by a microwave assisted solvothermal method (Poster)
A855 Thermal and Magnetic Hysteresis from the Exact Solution of Free Energy Based on a Microscopic Model (Poster)
A856 Structural Characterization of Cellulose Fibers using Confocal Microscopy and Luminescnte Polymers (Poster)
A857 Dielectric Response of Complex Networks Models (Poster)
A1010 Preparation and Characterization of Nanostructured Au/TiO2 catalyst (Poster)
A858 Iron-Titanosilicates synthesized by the sol-gel process applied in photodegradation of synthetic dyes (Poster)
A861 Reactive Extrusion of Thermoplastic Starch Using Citric Acid and Diiocyanates (Poster)
A862 Mechanical properties of bamboo fiber reinforced bio-based polyurethane ecocomposite (Poster)
A863 Microspheres of Poly Ethylene Glycol (PEG) adsorbed with Momordica Charantia L. extract representing a functional neomaterial with rheology properties (Poster)
A865 Theoretical method used for generating carbon nanotubes (Poster)
A866 Effect of fiber content on mechanicals properties of composites based on polyurethane resin derived from castor oil and banana fibers (Poster)
A867 Pure and Fe-doped ZnO synthesized by microwave-assisted hydrothermal method (Poster)
A868 Preparation and study of hybrid polymeric composite based on TiO2 nanostructures (Poster)
A971 Electronic and structural properties of bulk, (1010) and (1120) ZnS surfaces: Periodic DFT study (Poster)
A869 Stannates based perovskites obtained by the polymeric precursor method (Poster)
A1069 Effect of vapor cadmium chloride heat treatment on CdS/CdTe solar cells (Poster)
A870 Synthesis and luminescence of indium hydroxide (Poster)
A871 Structure of blend: PANi-XNBR (Poster)
A872 Synthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline-Silver Hybrids (Poster)
A873 Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured α-Fe2O3, obtained by the hydrothermal microwave method (Poster)
A874 Influence of the biodiesel synthesis method on the catalystsperformance based on SnO2:Ni2+ (Poster)
A875 SrSnO3:Ni2+ impregnation in a porous ceramic for catalytic application (Poster)
A876 Theoretical study of optical and vibrational spectra of fullerene derivatives and calixarenes (Poster)
A877 Synthesis by controlled growth of semiconductor nanocrystals of ZnO (Poster)
A878 Alternating conductivity of heterogeneous and disordered nanocomposites based on non-uniform energy barriers distribution for hopping carriers (Poster)
A879 Theoretical investigation of the cubic and tetragonal phases of the PbTiO3 material (Poster)
A880 Surface structure and stability of TiO2 anatase: DFT computational study (Poster)
A882 Influence of the Vacancies on the Photoluminescence Property of Gadolinium Doped Ceria (Poster)
A883 Theoretical simulation of the (001) surfaces for the TiO2 and SnO2 materials using DFT/B3LYP methodology (Poster)
A884 Synthesis of CaSn1-xTixO3 by the polymer precursor method (Poster)
A885 Fatigue Crack Grow at high temperature of a MAR-M247 and MAR-M247 (Nb) Superalloys (Poster)
A886 Size determination of water soluble CdTe quantum dots (Poster)
A887 Determination of Reducing Sugar using MOF-Cu(II) as Solid Reagent (Poster)
A888 Preparation and characterization of Pb0.70Sr0.30TiO3/Pb0.50Sr0.50TiO3 heterostructure films grown on Si/SiO2Ti/Pt substrate (Poster)
A889 Evidences of inter chain excitation energy migration on conjugated poly(p-phenylene vinylene) (PPV) blend film (Poster)
A890 In Depth Profiling and Subsurface Stress Imaging in Si Wafers by Confocal Raman Microscopy (Poster)
A891 Synthesis of Ba and Sr hexaferrite pigments (Poster)
A892 Characterization of PANI films produced by different techniques (Poster)
A893 Huisgen cycloaddition catalyzed by heterogeneous phase containing functionalized silica with copper (I) ion (Poster)
A894 Synthesis of CdTe/CdS core/shell semiconductor nanocrystals via SILAR method (Poster)
A895 Structural characterization of liquid crystalline systems constituted by polyoxyethylene 20 cetyl ether and silicone glycol copolymer (Poster)
A896 Adsorption of Acid Formic on Pd, Pt and PtPb-basedCatalysts: a Quantum-Chemistry Study (Poster)
A897 Development and characterization of nanostructured systems constituted by polyether functional siloxane and isopropyl palmitate (Poster)
A898 Methods of moisture control in low-cost employee tribological test (Poster)
A899 Electrochemical characterization of microcristalline boron doped diamond (Poster)
A900 Morphology evolution study of Vanadium pentoxide nanostructures in hydrothermal conditions (Poster)
A901 Theoretical computational studies o doped armchair (10,10) nanotubes with (SO2) (Poster)
A902 Synthesis and characterizations of crystalline BiVO4 nanostructures obtained by hydrothermal method (Poster)
A903 Influence of nickel doping on the CaSnO3 synthesis (Poster)
A904 Films characterization of PVC / TPS / DOA, by biodegradation testing, NMR, FTIR and mechanical testing (Poster)
A905 SrSnO3:Eu3+ synthesis by the polymeric precursor method (Poster)
A906 Correlation Between Molecular Structure and Dynamics with Opto-Electronic Properties of Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-co-benyothiadiazole) - F8BT (Oral)
A907 Effect of the carbon black nanopowder on the mechanical properties of B-Si-Cu-Diamond composite (Poster)
A908 A Theoretical Study of Formic Acid Oxidation on PtPb-clusters (Poster)
A909 Developing an experimental system to study the Magnetic Levitation Force of High-Temperature Superconductors (HTS) (Poster)
A910 Development of polymeric membranes associated with bioactive plant to burn care (Poster)
A911 Pectin as a carrier for drug delivery using calcium pectinate beads (Poster)
A912 Blends of Polyethylene and Thermoplastic Starch Modified by Reactive Extrusion with Citric Acid (Poster)
A913 Influence of the temperature in the crystallization of MSnO3 thin films by chemical solution deposition (Poster)
A914 Free Energy of Dissociation of Nanocomposites Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation (Poster)
A915 Phenomenological Reason for the High Conductivity in Real Conducting Polymers Systems (Poster)
A916 Preparation of photoluminescent compounds by solvent- free and highly concentrated reaction (Poster)
A917 Influence of lanthanum on the acidity in mesoporous clay (Poster)
A918 Study of the influence of heat treatment insynthesis of SrWO4: Eu3+ matrix prepared bythe sol-gel non-hydrolytic process (Poster)
A919 Synthesis of ZnFe2O4 by the polymeric precursor method using glycerol from biodiesel production (Poster)
A920 Synthesis and Structural Characterization of SrSn0.50Ti0.50O3 Perovskites (Poster)
A921 Analysis by Mössbauer Spectroscopy of a Fe-Rich Mesoporous Vermiculite (Poster)
A922 Preparation of Highly Crystalline Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Microspheres for Embolization and Chemoembolization (Poster)
A923 Photoluminescent properties of Ba1-xCaxTiO3 with low crystallinity synthesized by microwave-assisted hydrothermal method (Poster)
A924 Geopolymer synthesis with the use of phyllite (Poster)
A925 Influence of substrate in the structural disorder of SrSnO3 thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition (Oral)
A926 Influence of the synthesis conditions in the photoluminescence of ZnO obtained by microwave assisted hydrothermal method (Poster)
A927 Efficiency of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Charge-Carrier Photogeneration Processes obtained from the Steady-State Photocurrent Action Spectra of Poly(p-phenylene vinylene) derivatives (Poster)
A928 Copper and zinc ferrites obtained by microwave assisted hydrothermal method (Poster)
A929 Thermal characterization of Ionomeric Polymer Metal Composites (IPMC) based actuators (Poster)
A931 Inorganic-organic hybrids originating from organosilane anchored onto leached vermiculite (Poster)
A932 Quantitative Reliability Modeling for Dose Accumulation Polymer Device (Poster)
A933 Intercalation of Cucurbit[7]uril in Zn2Al Layered Double Hydroxides (Poster)
A935 Photoconduction and Electrocatalysis in a Naphthalene Diimide Derivative Film Towards Oxygen Reduction (Poster)
A936 Study of defects in SrSnO3:Fe perovskites synthesized by the polymeric precursor method (Poster)
A937 Influence of plasma power on deposition of thin films of SiO:H from chlorosilane (Poster)
A938 Theoretical study of molecular transport properties of fullerene derivatives (Poster)
A939 Compatibilization of Hydrolyzed Ethylene Vinyl Acetate with Thermoplastic Starch (Poster)
A940 PBE1PBE study of CO2 interaction with ZrO2 surface (Poster)
A941 Chorinated montmorillonite as precursor for organic-inorganic hybrids (Poster)
A942 Epoxy/Silica nanocomposite: effect of varying the slica amount and the irradiation with infrared laser (Poster)
A943 New method for measurement of effective gas diffusion coefficient of a porous medium (Poster)
A944 Deposition of Polycrystalline GaN Films by Reactive Sputtering (Poster)
A945 A density functional pseudopotential investigation of ZrO2 doped with Ca, Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Cr, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn and Pt (Poster)
A946 Microspheres of Poly Ethylene Glycol (PEG) adsorbed with fractions of herbal mixture representing a potential functional materials (Poster)
A947 Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous hydroxyapatite (Poster)
A948 Oxidation control of Poly(o-methoxyaniline)(POMA) films by chronoamperometry (Poster)
A949 Electrical Properties of Electronic Devices comprising Poly(3-hexylthiophene) and Poly(ethylene oxide):lithium salt Blends (Poster)
A950 Nanostructured polypyrrole membrane for applications in batteries (Poster)
A951 Modified montmorillonites as precursors for pillared interlayered clays (Poster)
A952 Quantum Methods and Impedance Spectroscopy Applied to Study of the Electro-Optical of the Organic Luminescent Molecules (Poster)
A953 Chitosan modified for imine groups formation in free solvent conditions (Poster)
A1070 Magnetic Particles of Natural Diatomaceous Composite Material (Poster)
A954 Evaluation of antibacterial activity of latex of Sapium glandulatum native Cerrado (Poster)
A955 Organofuncionalized Magadeite as Adsorbent for Cations (Poster)
A956 Characterization of collagen membranes with different structures: potential materials for treatment of articular cartilage injuries (Poster)
A957 Chemical modification of sugarcane bagasse fibers by esterification through anhydride system (Poster)
A958 Formic acid oxidation on Pd-based catalysts synthesized by the Sol-gel method (Poster)
A959 Organofunctionalized vermiculite as adsorbent for herbicides in aqueous solution (Poster)
A960 Rheological behavior of emulsion systems containing polymeric materials (Poster)
A961 Synthesis and characterization of SnO2 thin films deposited on stainless steel substrate (Poster)
A962 CeO2 obtained by microwave assisted hydrothermal method (Poster)
A963 Structural and electronic properties of L-Phe-L-phe cyclic peptide nanotubes (Poster)
A964 Stress cracking of PHBV in contact with NaOH (Poster)
A965 Anchoring silanes onto atalpugite (Poster)
A968 Use of micropores of silica as a precursor for the synthesis of mesoporous materials (Poster)
A969 Synthesis and characterization of monetite/titanium dioxide composites (Poster)
A970 Synthesis and characterization of superabsorbent hydrogels composite with dolomite to be applied as soil conditioners (Poster)
A972 Theoretical study of doped pentacene (Poster)
A973 New routes for the obtention of highly luminescent water soluble CdTe quantum dots (Poster)
A974 Interaction of surfactant molecules with vermiculite followed by herbicide adsorption (Poster)
A975 Molecular dynamics simulation: reduction of gases that causes problems for the natural gas and oil industry (Poster)
A976 Two-photon absorption in lead fluoroborate glasses (Poster)
A977 Processing of polymer nanocomposites from renewable materials (Poster)
A978 Comparative Study for Average Crystallite Size of gadolinium doped-ceria synthesized by different methods (Poster)
A979 Ionic liquids as organic modifier for cationic Montmorillonite (Poster)
A980 Calcium phosphate/silica nanocomposites (Poster)
A981 Synthesis of highly crystalline vanadosilicate isomorphous to the titanosilicate ETS-10 (Poster)
A982 Synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon microspheres from sol-gel polymerization of Resorcinol-Formaldehyde-Melamine (Poster)
A1057 Density Functional Theory study of convergence in the HOMO LUMO Gap of fluorene-thiadiazole oligomers (Oral)
A984 Synthesis of germanosilicates having as structure directing agent derivatives of 3,5-dimethyl piperidine (Poster)
A985 Mathematical modeling of materials sintering process with complex functions (Poster)
A986 Structural and electronic properties of vacancies in the b-FeSi2: A theoretical study (Poster)
A987 Influence of the neodymium doping in the formation of the cubic and tetragonal phases in SrTiO3 (Poster)
A988 Epoxy groups anchored onto leached vermiculites (Poster)
A990 Synthesis and Optical Characterization of the Composite Eu3+ Doped PVC (Poster)
A991 Synthesis and characterization of PANI/ABS polymeric varistors (Poster)
A992 Production of VOx thin films by RF Reactive Magnetron Sputtering (Oral)
A993 Electrical Conductivity of Ga1-xMnxAs Films Deposited by RF Sputtering (Poster)
A994 Hydroxyapatite of bovine origin strengthened with bioglass (Poster)
A995 Atalpugite as ionic exchanger for copper (Poster)
A996 Influence of deposition method in the crystallization process of SrTiO3:Nd thin films on silica (Poster)
A997 Oxytetracycline sorption from synthetic effluent with metal organic frameworks (Oral)
A998 Synthesis and Optical Properties of Aqueous Soluble ZnSe(S) Quantum Dots (Oral)
A999 Spectroscopic studies of the rare earth compounds covalently bonded to the silica-gel surfaces (Poster)
A1000 Calculations of polyaniline neutral and charged structures using quantum-mechanical AM1, HF and DFT methods (Poster)
A1001 The retention of dye from aqueous solution onto vermiculites (Poster)
A1002 Growth of SrTiO3:Nd thin films on various substrates (Poster)
A1005 Theoretical study "ab initio" for interpreting the structural and electronic properties of NiTiO3 (Poster)
A1006 Electronic structure study using DFT in organic dendrimers with possible applications in photovoltaic devices (Poster)
A1007 Grafting silanes onto clay mineral surfaces (Poster)
A1008 Study of surface ligand in the photoluminescence of water soluble ZnS quantum dots (Poster)
A1009 Thermal Features of Acrylic Polymer obtained from Miniemulsion (Poster)
A1011 Conformation of therapeutic lens, from bacterial cellulose with ciprofloxacin incorporation for medical application (Poster)
A1012 Effect of Concentration of Carbon and Silicon in the SiC Thin Film Deposition by Dual Magnetron Sputtering System (Poster)
A1013 Synthesis of La1−xSrxCo1−yFeyO3 by Chemical Solution and Combustion Method (Poster)
A1014 Influence of the concentration of soy extract (Glycine max (L.) Merr) incorporated in hydrophilic gels in the in vitro antioxidant activity (Poster)
A1015 Theoretical study of the smallest carbon nanotubes observed experimentally (Poster)
A1016 Preparation of solid acid catalysts from a waste material, the Amazon flint kaolin (Poster)
A1017 Epifluorescence and Confocal Microscopy for Investigation of Polyfluorene Based Polymers-Regenerated Cellulose Interaction: a Quantitative Study (Poster)
A1018 A theoretical investigation of the oxidation and reduction of carbon nanotubes, the oxidized states and the |HOMO-LUMO| differences (Poster)
A1019 Fused Salt Electrodeposition of CdTe on Silicon substrate (Poster)
A1021 The effect of reaction variables in the synthesis of organosilicate nanotubes derived from alkoxysilane precursors. (Poster)
A1071 Syntheses of Co3O4 nanoparticles using inorganic bases and the effect of post-synthetic acidic treatment in the formation of the competitive phases (Poster)
A1072 Combined process of polymerization / carbonization / activation process for the production of magnetic mesoporous adsorbents (Poster)
A1023 Theoretical study of doping carbon nanotubes with transition metals (Poster)
A1024 Luminescent Properties of Zn7Sb2O12:Eu3+ Under Low Energy X-rays Excitation (Poster)
A1026 Pigments based on the NixMg2-xSnO4 (Poster)
A1027 Synthesis of Anode and electrolyte for fuel cells (Poster)
A1028 Symmetry Disorder and Photoluminescence properties of nanoparticles PbxSr1-xTiO3 obtained by microwave method (Poster)
A1029 Coating in Materials Based Zirconia (Poster)
A1030 Pigments based on the CoxMg2-xSnO4 (Poster)
A1031 Effect of calcination in ferrites Ni0,5Zn0,5Fe2O4 obtained by combustion in a microwave oven (Poster)
A1032 Theoretical study of polypyrrole carboxylic (Poster)
A1033 Influence of Microwave Radiation on Synthesis Hydrotalcite (Poster)
A1034 Applications of capacitance-voltage measurements to interface metal-semiconductor (Poster)
A1035 Experimental and theoretical investigations on the atomic and electronic structures of zinc tungstate (Poster)
A1036 Analysis of mechanical properties of recycled PS ecocompósito matrix fiber reinforced açaí in different orientations (Poster)
A1037 Phase evolution study of the PZT synthesized by chemical route (Poster)
A1038 Effect of cleaning vacuum with bake process on a-Si:H thin films (Poster)
A1040 Effects of Nb2O5 and 3Y-TZP addition on the sinterability, microstructure and mechanical behavior of monoclinic zirconia ceramics (Poster)
A1042 Study the addition of sludge from Water Treatment Station in mortar (Poster)
A1043 Polymeric Electrolytes based on a copolymer of PEO and ionic liquids (Poster)
A1044 Effect of different solvent ratios (water/ethylene glycol) on the growth process of CaMoO4 crystals (Poster)
A1045 Study films of poly(o-methoxyaniline) deposited by the method in-situ sensors for applications polymer (Poster)
A1046 Nano-channel waveguides employed Er3+-doped tellurite glass-dielectric with enhancement fluorescence (Oral)
A1047 Fluorescence Enhancement in Er3+ -doped tellurite glass from gold nanoparticles (Poster)
A1049 Degradation inhibition of organic devices using CNSL (Cashew-nut shell liquid) (Poster)
A1048 Production of solar grade silicon blades from metallurgical grade blades through remelting by electron beam (Poster)
A1050 LBL films of nickel tetrasulphonated phthalocyanine FtTsNi and natural gums of Anacardim ocidentalle and Anadenanthera colubrina (Poster)
A1051 Thermal-Diffusivity and Heat Capacity of Iron- Phosphate Glasses (Poster)
A1052 Effects of Y and Si Addition on the Ni-Cr-Al-B alloys oxidation resistance (Poster)
A1053 Study of metallic nanoparticles and films of semiconducting polymers for applications in organic sensors (Poster)
A1054 Morphological and optical characteristics of (BaxSr1-x) MoO4 powders processed in microwave-hydrothermal (Poster)
A1055 Processing of radar absorbing material with fiberglass woven, polyaniline and carbon nanotube (Poster)
A1056 Effectiveness of experimental photoactivated coatings in reducing Candida albicans adhesion to polymethylmethacrylate (Poster)
A1058 DFT and GW Calculations of the Electronic Structure for Thiophenes on TiO2 (Oral)
A1060 Sensor test system by the impedance bridge with thin films deposition (Oral)
A1061 Methodology and Results about materials theory with nanoscale images and information technology: The Nanoart Project (Poster)
A1063 Effect of the temperature in optical parameters in the reflectance spectrum of the composition Li2Co(1-x)NixTi3O8 doped with nickel to 8%, 10% and 20% (Poster)
A1075 Thermal analysis of composites with inorganic polymeric matrix and quasicrystalline reinforcement (Poster)
A1076 What does complexity mean in al-based metallic alloys? (Invited Lecture)
A1077 CRYSTAL2010, a computational tool for the Solid State Chemistry (Invited Lecture)
A1079 Surface structure of Cu90Au10(100) investigated byLEED and PED (Poster)
A1080 Overview of our groups bio-physicochemical research of technological interest: Current trends and new developments (Invited Lecture)
A1081 Solid state studies of drugs and chemicals by dielectric and calorimetric analysis (Invited Lecture)
A1083 First principles calculations on the origin light photoluminescence emission in CaTiO3, BaWO4 and SrTiO3 (Invited Lecture)
A1085 Hydrophobic Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films of azopolymers (Poster)
A1086 From high to low permittivity glass-free materials for LTCC technology (Invited Lecture)