IX Encontro da SBPMat

Instructions for Authors

The works shall be submitted online, in the form of abstracts of one page, written in English, according to the model (Model of Abstract.doc).

2) There will NOT be a step for corrections of the original text or a new submission of the corrected version. The work will be submitted only once and evaluated for its technical and scientific character, quality and innovative aspect of the text and images. The accepted abstracts will be published on the Abstracts' CD of the IX Meeting and will be available on the event website.

3) The presentations will be made in oral or poster form. The author's preference about the type of presentation should be informed at the time of the online abstract submission. For oral work, the language of the presentation should be informed (English or Portuguese). The English oral presentations will be prioritized in the selection of the proposals, keeping criteria of scientific quality. Regardless of the language of the presentation, the slides must be written in English. The posters must also be written in English.

4) Oral presentations of national and international guest speakers must be done in english.

5) The organizers of the Symposia should be consulted about the possibility of submission and publication of full texts in indexed journals.