IX Encontro da SBPMat

Convention center

A new proposal for the former Parque Metalúrgico

Reasons for choosing the former building of the Parque Metalúrgico are many. The location is privileged, integrated to the complex of the railway station, the Church Pilar, the dean’s office of Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (UFOP), and near downtown. Moreover, the reinterpretation of historic buildings for new uses have led to beautiful results worldwide and in Brazil, preserving the buildings and turning them into important areas of economic, artistic and cultural integration.

Meeting between history, technology and art

Saying that the first major meeting to be held in Parque Metalúrgico – Convention Center of Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto is between past and future is not an overstatement. After all, the undertaking is concerned with both the preservation of the building where it is settled and offer the most advanced technology to its users.

The various sectors of the Centre have modular structure, as they may operate independently or integrated with the others. This versatility will host a unique event in all its extension or several parallel events, distributed in its space.

The Centre also has facilities for data transmission through fiber optics, closed circuit video/sound, mechanical stage, electronic security, thermal-acoustic environmental isolation, fire fighting system, signs in Portuguese and English, adapted to people with physical disability and ample parking lot in the University Square.


Rua Diogo de Vasconcelos, 328 - Pilar, Ouro Preto

Centro de Artes e Convenções da UFOP