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Symposium E: CIAM Scientific Meeting


Leandro Tessler (Unicamp)
Nicola Spaldin (UCSB, USA)

The Inter-American Materials Collaboration (CIAM) is perhaps the largest materials research cooperation program between countries of the Americas. It fosters scientific exchange between researchers from nine countries in a wide range of areas of Materials Science and Engineering. In this scientific meeting results of CIAM researchers will be presented and discussed. In addition, as in previous occasions (Cancun, Mexico 2005 and Santa Maria, Colombia 2006), the symposium will include invited talks of wide interest to the materials research community.

In addition to the invited and contributed talks, there will be a poster session for participating CIAM students and postdocs to share their results. A prize of support for participation in an up-coming ICMR event will be awarded by the International Center for Materials Research (ICMR) at UC Santa Barbara.

Scientific Committee
Robert Chang (Northwestern University)
José Roque da Silva (USP)




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