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Symposium L

Materials for Green Energies

Scope of the Symposium

Economic growth and social welfare depend to a large extent on the energy supply. This causes a continuously growing energy demand that is at present mainly satisfied by the use of fossil fuels, with the consequent impact on the environment. For this reason, there is great interest in the search of clean and renewable energy sources that can contribute with the sustainable development of society.
The phrase ?Green Energy? refers to an energy system that serves the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their goals. There are two fundamentals areas in the subject of green energy: energy harvesting and storage. Technologies that promote this kind of energy include renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy, wave power, geothermal energy, bioenergy and also technologies designed to improve energy efficiency. This symposium will focus on the fabrication, characterization, and usage of materials for renewable energy storage, transmission, and generation, and more generally on ?environmentally friendly? materials and processes. The aim of the symposium is to gather a wide panel of scientists specialized in Green Energy from the Latin American region and the world to discuss their recent advances and future developments as well as to promote collaborative schemes.

Abstracts will be solicited in (but not limited to) the following areas

  • a. Materials innovations in renewable energy: including wind, solar, and bio energy. b. Nanotechnology for green energy applications c. Materials for fuel cells and electrolyzers technologies d. Devices for green energy

Invited speakers
  • Lluis Marsal
    (UNiversidad Rovira i Virgili, Spain) [Confirmed]
  • Fabio Bellot Noronha
    (Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia (INT/MCTI)) [Confirmed]

Symposium Organizers
  • Roberto Arce (IFIS Litoral - Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Fabiana Gennari (CAB CNEA - S. C. de Bariloche, Argentina)
  • Laura Cornaglia (INCAPE - Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Liliana Mogni (CAB CNEA - S. C. de Bariloche, Argentina)


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