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Symposium H

Synchrotron-based imaging techniques applied to micro and nanostructured materials

Scope of the Symposium

Over the past decades, synchrotron light has become an invaluable tool for several scientific disciplines, especially for materials science. Since 1997, the Brazilian synchrotron light laboratory (LNLS) has been providing the Brazilian and Latin American materials science communities with beam lines dedicated to diffraction, x-ray scattering and spectroscopic techniques. More recently, imaging techniques, such as X-ray tomography, have become available at LNLS.
Within this context, a new fourth generation light source, the SIRIUS project, is under construction and is scheduled to operate for users in 2019. The new facility will provide synchrotron light with unprecedented intensity and brilliance. Nanometric sized beam with long coherence lengths will open up a wide range of new applications in materials science. The extremely low emittance of the Sirius source will provide an x-ray beam with a high degree of coherence, both transversally and longitudinally, opening the avenue for scattering measurements and coherent imaging techniques. That will allow an smaller focus size and increase the spatial resolution in todays direct imaging experiments. Moreover, its modern optics will focus the x-ray beam to nanometric sizes, while preserving the wavefront of the coherent beam, which can be used to further improve spatial resolution by cutting edge techniques unavailable today. For that reason, the spatial resolution of the new state-of-the-art beam lines shall approach an unprecedented nanometer scale.

The main focus of this symposium is the discussion of current status and perspectives for applications of synchrotron-based imaging techniques in materials science. We will accept abstracts on general materials science topics such as catalysis, magnetism, nanomaterials, polymers, soft matter, environment science and biomaterials.

Abstracts will be solicited in (but not limited to) the following areas

  • catalysis
  • magnetism
  • nanomaterials
  • polymers
  • soft matter
  • environment science
  • biomaterials

Invited speakers
  • Jose A. Rodriguez
    (UCLA ) [Confirmed]
  • Ian McNulty
    (Argonne National Laboratory, Center for nanoscale materials) [Confirmed]

Symposium Organizers
  • Helio Tolentino (LNLS)
  • Carlos Sato (LNLS)
  • Mateus Cardoso (LNNano)
  • Gustavo Azevedo (UFRGS / LNLS)


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