Humboldt Kolleg 2013


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Final Program


Humboldt Kolleg 2013
Hotel Serra da Estrela, Campos do Jordão – SP, September 28 – 30th.


Saturday 28/09

Sunday 29/09

Monday 30/09




Material pick-up
Information Desk


Invited Lecture
H. Dotori

Invited Lecture
P. Hackspacher



C. Maia

M. V. T. Fadel


A. K. T. Assis

K. Poetter


F. Stavale

M. Y. Yoshinaga


Coffee Break

Coffee Break


Special Guest Lecture
M. Kanatzidis

“2013-2014 German year in
Brazil” / “Opportunities for
doing research in Germany”
M. Weichert (DWIH), M. Gegner
(DAAD), C. H. Mueller (DFG), N.
Jacobs (AvH), A. Mandalka (FhG)



N. F. de Oliveira


P. S. P. Herrmann Jr



R. Hofmeister Pich


J. Barboza







Opening Session


Opening Lecture
E. Hahn

Invited Lecture
M. Amato


Plenary Lecture jointly with
SBPMat (M. Kanatzidis)


M. A. R. Mello


T. Mendes

J. B. Pesquero


H. Cukierman

A. T. do Amaral

R. Hinrichs


W. A. Carnielli

Coffee Break

J. Gancheff


Coffee Break

Invited Lecture
M. H. M. Barros

Coffee Break


Invited Lecture
P. Kaminski

Invited Lecture
H. Eckert


Provokers talks (R. Franke,
Y. Mascarenhas, N. de Oliveira


V. Zuin

E. A. L. Henn


F. Marshall


Round Table: Ethics and
Integrity in Sciences (Mediator:
V. Zuin), Y. Mascarenhas
R. Franke, N. F. de Oliveira

C. F. O. Graeff


Invited Lecture
P. R. Rios

M. R. Ribas


V. Bermudez



Poster Session* with
Drinks and Snacks

Invited Lecture
M. Wong Chi Man


Closing Session


Cine Session: “Scientists under
Attack” (B. Verhaag)


Cocktail by the swimming
pool (Farewell) Party


Humboldt Club
Board Meeting





Gala Dinner
Piano: R. Q. Albuquerque
After dinner talk: J. C. Marcolin


Invited Lectures:

Ekkehardt Hahn (University of Münster NRW, Germany):
Alexander von Humboldt – The Plight of Scientists then and now
Paulo Kaminski (University of São Paulo, Brazil):
AvH Foundation and Alumni Club in Brasil
Paulo Rangel Rios – Humboldt Prize Winner (Federal Fluminense University, Brazil):
Stochastic geometry and phase transformations Horácio Dottori (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil):
Unifying the Cosmos from micro- to macro- physics
Mercouri KanatzidisHumboldt Prize Winner (Northwestern University, IL, USA):
So what do I really do with my Humboldt Prize (Special invited talk)
Electrical power from heat: All-scale hierarchical thermoelectrics with and without earth-abundant materials (Plenary talk jointly with SBPMat)
Marisa C. M. Amato (University of São Paulo/Amato Cardiology Clinic, São Paulo, Brazil)
Quality of Life: Who will protect us from ourselves?
Mário Henrique M. Barros (Institut für Pathologie, Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, Germany)
Breaking the wall of uniform cancer treatment: how microscopy is helping the individualized treatments
Julio Cesar Marcolin (MTM – Métodos em Tecnologia de Manutenção Ltda) Crescendo e se desenvolvendo numa circunavegação a bordo de um veleiro Peter Hackspacher (University of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
From the fragmentation of the Gondwana to climate changes: case study in the southeast of Brasil
Hellmut Eckert (University of Münster, Germany/University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Welcome to the Age of Glass
Michel Wong Chi Man (Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier, France)
Wonders of modern materials: hybrid silica and its applications


Oral Presentations:

Tereza Mendes (University of São Paulo)
Monte Carlo Methods and the Mass of the (Visible) Universe
Henrique Cukierman (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
Computer technology in Brazil: from protectionism and national sovereignity to globalization and market competitiveness
Walter Alexandre Carnielli (State University of Campinas)
The Crossroads of Logic, Quantum Computation and Information
Vania Gomes Zuin (Federal University of São Carlos)
Green chemistry in Brazilian higher education
Francisco Marshall (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)
Epistemology and sciences of images, and contemporary life
Marcus Vinicius Telles Fadel
A Stethoscope for severely hearing-impaired medical students: a low cost and easy method for social and professional inclusion
André Koch T. Assis
Implementation of Mach´s Principle with Weber´s Law for Gravitation
Fernando Stavale
Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy using a STM: A powerful tool for nano-oxides characterization
Nythamar Fernandes de Oliveira Engineering Ethics: Recasting the Naturalism-Normativity Debate on Neurotechnologies
Paulo Sérgio P. Herrmann Jr.
Key technologies for plants for the future - plant phenotyping at Forschungszentrum Jülich (IBG-2), and his partnership with Embrapa-Brazil: Labex Europe in Germany
Roberto Hofmeister Pich
The Philosopher of the Future, and the Future of Philosophy
Jair Barboza
Considerações, acompanhadas de um excurso estético, sobre a dignidade da natureza e dos animais na ética não-antropocêntrica de Schopenhauer
Marco Aurélio R. Mello Disentangling the web of life: network theory applied to the study of mutualisms
João Bosco Pesquero Brazilian Biotechnology Companies: Initiatives that can open new perspectives for our students and increase our scientific competitiveness
Antonia T. Amaral Virtual screening search for Cruzain inhibitors: Importance of experimental validation
Moema de Barros e S. Botelho New routes towards luminescent and optical materials based on coordination metal complexes and organic dyes incorporated in mesoporous hosts: In situ and topotactic approaches
Karin Pötter Soil parceling Analysis in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, RS
Marcos Yukio Yoshinaga Apparent inverse carbon isotope effects during the anaerobic oxidation of methane under sulfate-limiting conditions
Ruth Hinrichs
Instrumental analysis methods applied to forensic evidence
Jorge S. Gancheff
Evaluation and design of new chromophores for dyesensitized solar cells (DSSC)
Emanuel A. L. Henn
Prospects for a dipolar quantum gás experiment in Brazil
Carlos F. O. Graeff
Electrically detected magnetic resonance modeling and fitting: An equivalent circuit approach
Marcos Roberto Ribas
“Non-coherent Photon Upconversion as a novel means to improve the efficiency and longevity of sensitized solar photovoltaic cells”
Verónica de Zea Bermudez
Self-assembly and bio-inspiration


Poster Presentations:

I-Shi Liu
Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of salt tectonics in geomechanics
Dimas Mendes Ribeiro
Effects of gibberellins on growth of Arabidopsis thaliana plants associated with high concentration of carbon dioxide
Fernando Haas
Neutrino-plasma flavor dynamics: exact solutions
Elisabeth Cheng
Purification of coagulation Factor VIII by immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography
Luiz Carlos Lobato Botelho
The debate about the foundations of quantum Mechanics
Monica Santos de Freitas
Structural characterization of MTTR Fibrils by Solid-State NMR
Narendra K. Srivastava
Recent Advances in Stromatolite/Microbiolite Research in Brazil
Andrea Simone Stucchi de Camargo
Optical materials based on Ir(III) complexes incorporated in mesoporous silicate hosts: In situ versus topotactic synthesis approaches and electronic structure analysis
Henri Charles Favre
Proposal for toxic compound remediation at landfills by in situ recirculating of leachate with chemically modified Clay-minerals
Carlos Rettori
Photon upconversion and magnetic properties of rare-earth doped NaYF4 nanoparticles
Ilio Montanari Junior
Domestication of Brazilian Medicinal Plants: Strategy to Protect Nature and Create New Agricultural Options
Sergio Allegrini Junior
Avaliação da reação do tecido ósseo em implantes de titânio tratados sob irradiação laser Yashashchandra Dwivedi
Observation of multiphoton upconversion and infrared cascade emission in lanthanide doped Y8V2O17 nanophosphors
Isaac Aarón Morales
Simultaneous magnetic alignment and covalent immobilization of MWCT on polymethylmethacrylate substrates
Cynthia Regina Ferrari
New Optical Materials based on Rare-Earth Doped Oxyfluoride Glasses and Ceramics: Structural and Photophysical Studies
Tassia Gonçalves de Souza
Spectroscopic properties of Er3+-doped glasses oxyfluorides
Cayke dos Anjos
New mesoporous Sol-gel Matrices and the Incorporation of Luminescent Organic Molecules
Flavio de Almeida Pinto
Designing new materials for removal of organic dyes from effluents: A strategy to reduce the impact textile industries on the aquatic ecosystem.
Monika Lechner
Corruption, organizational responses to allegations of corruption, and employee commitment – A three-country comparison
Renan Camurça Fernandes Leitão
Water decontamination using zeolites and solar energy
Marcos Antonio Benavides Filho
Electric field-assisted crystalization of lead oxyfluoroborate glasses
Roger Gomes Fernandes
The size and shape of glass particles probed by crystallizing determined by DSC
Luciane Sopchenski Santos
Temporal stability of mechanical properties of titania nanotubes as surface treatment in biomaterials.
Maurício J. Prieto The growth of ordered Ru and Pt nanostructures on Au(788) studied by STM and XPS
Emilia Andrea Carbônio
The growth of ordered Ru and Pt nanostructures on Au(788) studied by STM and XPS
Clarissa L. Justino de Lima
Novel Nb2O5 and WO3 based phosphate glasses
Julmar dos Santos
Evaluation of technological parameters of red ceramic plates glazed with dimension stone wastes
Marisa Sartori Vieira
Indicators of Sustainability in Higher Education


Round Table
(Mediator Vânia Zuin)

Roberto Franke (Federal University of Bahia)
O mercado e a banalização da ciência
Yvonne Primerano Mascarenhas (University of São Paulo)
Ethics and Integrity in Sciences
Nythamar Fernandes de Oliveira (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul)
Towards an Ethics of Integrity: Neither Scientism Nor Postmodernism